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18th Sep 2002, 21:25
Hi folks
Just looking on Amazon and I noticed a date for Blood Omen coming for PC this December.
Is this a re-release of Blood Omen 1?

18th Sep 2002, 23:35
Hi there,
I didn't find the date in question, although it looks like Amizon.com has every LOK game available for the PC for sale. If you give me the direct link, I could look into this further.
Crystal Dynamics

19th Sep 2002, 10:31
ok heres the address for the search on amazon.co.uk:


any help?

19th Sep 2002, 23:39
Heres the dirct link. I found it too. it says coming soon?


20th Sep 2002, 17:32
I was looking at the US Amazon before, not the UK. Looks like this game is being distributed or manufactured by Empire, not Eidos. Could be possible that they now have the rights to the PC version. I'll try to look more into this.
Crystal Dynamics

20th Sep 2002, 19:27
Budget PC re-releases seem to be more common in the UK than in the US. I know that some company called like "Out of the Back of a Van Productions" released SR1 that way.
Personally I think that re-releasing BO1 for the PC is just asking for trouble, since a LOT of people are going to assume they'll be able to play it on newer operating systems.