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18th Sep 2002, 14:40
There was a sector of the galaxy called the old Zauth. Here, gallantry took its last bow. Here was the last ever to be seen of knights and their ladies fair, of masters and their slaves. Look for it only in data records, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a civilization...

gone with the solar wind

18th Sep 2002, 16:56
Gaydee Zgarrlitt Ohubbra sat on the grand steps of the Ohubbra mansion in her favorite white dress holding a matching white fan flanked on either side by Brimp and Z'doowurt, the Barbbeldun twins. Zgarrlitt was a radiant sluggess with enchanting bright green eyes and skin like zedem jade if indeed zedem jade could be soft as silk. She enjoyed her notoriety as the most beautiful debutant of the sector and found herself always surrounded and spoiled by suitors. It was perhaps for this reason she delayed so long in getting married. She was a little past the age when most slugesses took husbands. Many folks said one day the boys would give up on courting her, but there didn't seem to be any danger of that happening anytime soon. The Barrbeldun twins were younger than she was and still took every opportunity to hover by her side, each trying to out-do the other in their wooing of her.

Zgarlitt had been chiding them for their recent expulsion from college. The two boisterous slugs had been dismissed for general misconduct. They had always been in trouble of one sort or another ever since they were larvae.

"Who cares if we were booted out of college?" Brimp said dismissively. "War's gonna start any day now so we'd have left anyways."

"Isn't it exciting?" piped up Z'doowurt. "If those fool yahngis want to start a war, we'll show 'em!"

"Oh, fiddle-dee-dee!" remarked Zgarrlitt as she rolled her emerald eyes. "War, war, war! All this talk of war is spoiling all the fun at every party this season. I get so bored I could scream." She fluttered her eyelashes at the pair of them. "Besides," she began sweetly, "there isn't going to be any war."

"No war?" exclaimed Brimp looking almost horrified.

"Sure there'll be a war!" asserted Z'doowurt.

"If either of you boys so much as says 'war' one more time," said Zgarrlitt in a warning tone, "I declare I will hover right into the house and shut the door."

"But Zgarrlitt, honey..." Brimp began.

"Don't you want a war?" Z'doowart asked.

Zgarrlitt gave them both a disdainful look, rose from the step, lifted her great bell-shaped skirt and turned to go into the house. The twins chased pleadingly after her, begging her to stay and apologizing profusely. She paused right at the threshold of the door and glanced back at them.

"Well," she said and turned to faced them. "all right, but remember I warned you." She hovered gracefully back out onto the porch.

"Say," Brimp said perkily, "why don't we talk about something else? How about the big party the Wilggzes are giving at Dwilvoke station?"

"Yeah!" said Z'doowurt. "You'll be there, won't you Miss Zgarrlitt?"

"Well," said Zgarrlitt gently fanning herself and looking disinterested. "I haven't made up my mind."

"But you have to come!" said Brimp. "A party isn't a party without you, Miss Zgarrlitt!"

"And you can give us all your dances?" said Z'doowurt expectantly.

"I would if they weren't already taken." she replied, turning her back on them and hovering towards the other end of the long porch. The twins looked at one another, quite alarmed.

"Will you give us a dance each if we tell you a secret?" Brimp asked. Not wanting to appear too interested in gossip, Zgarrlitt slowed down but kept her back to them.

"A secret?" she asked. "About who?"

"Melunee Fambulton." answered Z'doowurt. Zgarrlitt gave a slight disdainful sniff. The Fambultons were distantly related to the Wilggz family. Melunee had paid many long visits to Dwilvoke and every time gotten nearly as much attention as Zgarrlitt herself. Even Zgarrlitt's own mother and father had referred to Melunee as a perfect little angel."

"Humph!" snorted Zgarrlitt, "who wants to hear a secret about that little goody-goody?" Privately, she hoped it was something really dreadful.

"Well," began Brimp, "she's gonna be at the party. And, well.."

"Well," Z'doowurt continued, "we heard Ahjlee Wilggz is gonna marry her. You know those Wilggzes alway marry cousins." Zgarrlitt did not turn to face them. She looked suddenly shocked and deeply upset.

"Can we have those dances now?" the twins asked in unison.

"Certainly." Zgarrlitt replied absently. The two slugs immediately began to dance arm-in-arm in celebration. They didn't notice Zgarrlitt had hovered off down the steps until Mahmi, the plump karmarama maid leaned from an upstairs window and called after the sluggess as she sped away.

"Miss Zgarrlitt!" Mahmi shouted in her thick Karmaraman accent. "Were you be off to? Miss Zgarrlitt, you be gettin' back here and puttin' on your shawl! You be catchin' your death o' dampness!" Mahmi leaned out and saw the twins on the porch. "Won't you be askin' dese two gentleman to suppa? You got no more manners dan a field hand!" she shouted, but the young sluggess was far away by now. Mahmi shook her purple head. Zgarrlitt had always been the most difficult and willful of the Ohubbra children.

"Say," Brimp asked Z'dwoowurt, "You reckon we said somethin' to make Zgarrlitt mad?"

19th Sep 2002, 04:26
Up on the biodeck of Darra Station, Jurruld Ohubbra flew briskly along behind a white fwidder. The powerful three-legged beast sped swiftly over the landscape with Mr. Ohubbra in tow full of boyish glee as he spurred the creature to greater speed and worked furiously at the reins of the towing harness. Mr. Ohubbra, master of Darra station was a dignified old slug with bright green eyes and dark green skin freckled with black by the sun and tough as leather from the wind. He steered the fwidder towards a length of wooden fence at full gallop. The beast sprang over the fence. Mr. Ohubbra's hoverswing was lifted up by the flight of the animal and cleared the fence by mere centimeters. The old slug reined in the fwidder and glided to a halt.

"Thar's none on the station the match of ye." said Mr. Ohubbra in his thick arrich accent as he glided alongside the panting fwidder. "And none in the system, noither." he continued as he lovingly stroked the beast's graceful arching neck. The fwidder snorted approvingly through its long snout and shook it's head as the slug patted its velvet hide.


Mr. Ohubbra's attention was drawn by the sharp clear voice ringing out from a stand of trees alongside a small creek nearby. His eldest offspring glided swiftly from beneath the shade of the elderbarans parting the long leafy tendrils like green lace curtain. She pulled the hem of her big white skirt slightly off the ground and swept towards him, her face beaming.

"Well, Gaydee Zgarrlitt," began Mr. Ohubbra, "spoiyin' on me, Oi see." The young sluggess glided up and gave her father a light peck on the cheek. "And Oi s'pose you'll be tellin' yar mudder Oi been jumpin' again?" he asked.

"Oh pa," replied Zgarrlitt, "you know I'm no tattle-tail like Z'wellen." She gave the fwidder's downy muzzle a little rub. "But I would think after you ruptured yourself jumping that same fence last cycle..."

"Oi'll not 'ave me own dorter tellin' me what I may and may not jump!" Mr. Ohubbra replied sternly. "It's me own neck, so 'tis." He unhooked his hoverswing from the towing harness and beckoned to a karmara slave who had been perched on the fence watching his ride. The slug handed the reins to the karmara who led the fwidder away talking to the beast in gentle praising tones and stroking the glistening coat.

"Fine, pa," Zgarrlitt said, "you ride as you please." The two began to glide gently across the creek, Zgarrlitt lifting her skirt again to keep it dry. "Have you spoken with Mr. Wilggz today?" she asked.

"Aye," began Mr. Ohubbra, "didn' 'ave much toime for talkin', what with party plans an' all this talk of war."

"Oh, bother war!" snapped Zgarrlitt.

"Melunee's on Dwilvoke visitin'. Ye remember Melunee, from Utanta Station?"

"Oh, Melunee Fambulton." groaned Zgarrlitt. "She's a mealy-mouthed little ninny!"

"Ahjlee Wilggz don't seem ta t'ink so."

"Ahjlee couldn't like anyone like her!"

"What's yar int'rest in Ahjlee Wilggz an' Miss Melunee?" asked the old slug as he turned sharply to face his daughter.

"Nothing, pa. Let's go back home."

"Ahjlee been triflin' with ye?" presed Mr. Ohubbra. "Asked ye ta marry 'im 'as 'e?"

"No." pouted Zgarrlitt.

"Nar will 'e." said her father. "Oi 'ave it in strictest confidence the Wilggzes will be announcin' 'is an' Miss Melunee's engagement at the party."

"No!" said Zgarlitt. "It can't be. It just can't!"

"See 'ere, Gaydee Zgarrlitt!" Mr Ohubbra said harshly as he hovered in front of his daughter, stopping her short. "Oi'll not 'ave me dorter makin' a spectacle of 'erself chasin' after a slug what don't love 'er, 'specially when she can 'ave any slug in the sector."

"It just came as a surprise, is all." said Zgarrlitt, turning her face away.

"Don' ye be jerkin' yar chin at me, Gaydee Zgarrlitt." said Mr. Ohubbra and gently turned her face back towards his own with the robotic waldo fixed to his hoverswing. He stared into the brilliant green eyes she had inherited from him. "Ye'd not be 'appy wit' young Mr. Wilggz."

"I would!" insisted Zgarrlitt. A very slight smile raised the corner's of her father's lips. He knew better than to argue with her.

"Ah," he said turning to face along the lush biodeck spread before them. Karmarama slaves could be seen dotting the landscape, tending the crops. "What does it matter who ye marry, so long as 'e's Zauthan. And when Oi'm gone, Oi'll leave Darra to ye."

"Oh I don't want Darra." said Zgarlitt. "Who wants a station when..."

"Gaydee Zgarrlitt Ohubbra!" exclaimed the old slug. "Ye mean ta say this station means nuttin' to ye? This station's the only thing warth foightin' fer. It was 'round long befar us and it'll be 'round long after we're gone!"

"Oh, pa, you still talk like your still arrich."

"An' proud Oi am ta be arrich! An' don' be forgettin' yar half arrich yarself, missy. The land we 'old is part of us, in ar blood." He suddenly seemed to calm down and smiled warmly at his daughter.

"Ah," he said, "yar still young yet. It'll come ta ye, the love of the land." He placed the waldo gently around her shoulders and the two made their way to the hyperlift that would take them back down to the middle deck and the mansion.

19th Sep 2002, 21:27
Good writing. Continue.

20th Sep 2002, 00:31

25th Sep 2002, 14:59
I'll get back to writing this as soon as I possibly can.

I've been very busy lately because I'm trying to buy a house.

It has a swimming pool and everything!

27th Sep 2002, 17:14
The dinner bell sounded throughout Darra over the public address system. Up on the biodeck, a young karmarama rose stiffly from the spot where he had been planting lilith sprouts.

"Quittin' time!" he said happily as he clapped his four hands together to get some of the dirt off. He looked up to find himself face-to-face with a strapping muscular karmarama. The smaller karmarama's smile quickly faded.

"I'm de foreman." said Big Zamm, the big karmarama, his massive arms folded across his barrelled chest. "I'm de one who's calling de quittin' time on Darra." He stared sternly down at the other karmarama who quickly knelt back on the ground and picked up another sprout. Big Zamm waited for him to plant it then cupped a pair of his big hands to his mouth.

"Quittin' time!" he bellowed and everyone began to pack away their tools and gather the unplanted sprouts.

Meddling Grey
9th Oct 2002, 05:55
A new house is probably an exciting thing, although I wouldn't know since I've lived in this one all my life. :) Well anyways, since I'm feeling generous today as Lord of All that Exists Except when Other Rulers are Watching, I'm giving you an extra three rotations to finish the next bit of the story. No wait, make it four. :)

[PS - Don't forget to put plenty of tinfoil in the attic of the house. It keeps those annoying satellites from seeing into your rooms.]