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18th Sep 2002, 10:52
I have been waiting for this day since I finished Calendra's Cistern... And finally I have Calendra's Legacy downloaded and Darkloader all ready to go.
I start it up, enjoy the movie and choose my inventory. I hit the Continue and it blinks 6 times and fails... restart, same deal, restart, same deal. Please help.

Dual AMD 1500+ XP (Affinity set to 1 processor)
512 Meg of RAM
2 40Gig 7200RPM drives
NVIDEA Gforce 3 Ti 200
Win 2K SP3


18th Sep 2002, 13:02
I'm no computer expert...however. I thought I read awhile back about Thief not liking dual processors. But if it's just CL that's doing it...Hummm.

19th Sep 2002, 02:27
You mention setting affinity to 1. Thief itself isn't programmed for dual processors, so are you setting affinity to 1 [CPU] on the process (i.e., after the game is loaded)?

I guess the next thing I'd try is configuring the game to run in Windows 98 mode.

Then I'd try reinstalling the Indeo codecs. Some users have reported that Windows XP screws up the Indeo codec install on every reboot, so you have to reinstall them after a reboot when you want to then run Thief.

Did you update video or audio drivers AFTER installing Thief?

19th Sep 2002, 17:11
I've had similar problems with some FMs... turned out to be my soundcard's (SB 512... or something, I forget) EAX support. Some EAX reverbs cause the game do drop out to the desktop like you described. Turning EAX off fixed it.

20th Sep 2002, 02:17
After reinstalling the drivers it came right up.

Thanks everyone & great job Team Calendra!