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18th Sep 2002, 03:41
I can replace object textures just fine until I try the .bin editing replace0.gif method. One strange thing is that my pic works if I replace the .gif line in the bin with my .gif name but if I use replace0.gif in the bin and try to use it as a replaceable texture object it turns out a rainbow color... If I use other .gifs it works fine. What could be causing this?

18th Sep 2002, 04:01
I would like to know this, too. I have never been able to get the process to work but if I download files modified in this manner they work perfectly...


Thorin Oakenshield
18th Sep 2002, 22:07
Make sure you save them in the correct format which is 8 bit, 256 colours.

See My Tutorial (http://www.mseyre.freeserve.co.uk/T&S_tut.htm) ;)

19th Sep 2002, 00:32
They ARE in the right format. They paintings work if you do use them the other 2 ways (replacing existing, and making a .bin model) but do not work when using the replace0.gif method. It is not the picture. It is something else. :(

19th Sep 2002, 02:45
Being newbie myself, I made the same thing as you (painting using replace0 method) and got exacltly the same result as you - rainbow mess. Something DromED doesn't like about changing GIF textures on the run. :rolleyes:

Anyway, dunno if we doing smth wrong but a simple solution that works, is this:

Instead of making real textures as GIFS and putting them into obj\txt, make PCX files and put them into fam\mypaint1 (or something). Basically, make a new texture family. Don't forget to make full.pcx out of them. In DromEd, load this family. Then apply to the painting using Shape->TxtReplace0. It works that way.

Oh, I think that you also need to paint some walls with these textures in a blue room, or otherwise it will go away next time you restart DromED. (I think)

19th Sep 2002, 03:55
Hmmmm glad im not the only one. The only reason I want to use this method is to make multiple paintings easy and so each can have its own palette. There should be a way...

19th Sep 2002, 04:13
Originally posted by Nathan
so each can have its own palette.

Erm, why? Unless you are planning to recreate Louvre in your FM, I really don't see the reason for this. You can easily make 10-20 painting textures in one family and then generate 1 palette for all of them w/o losing to much quality.

19th Sep 2002, 19:02
Too much work for me. I just want the replace thing to work :D
If you get Daytominaytah's reskinable paintings pack and load up his eye.mis his paintings work fine but others don't... maybe they are using the Thief palette?

22nd Sep 2002, 02:40

1st Oct 2002, 01:37
Use this tool to open your .BIN file (back it up first just in case!). Look on the right side (it will have some recognizable characters instead of all the numbers on the left). Then find the .GIF filename the .BIN file is looking for. Just replace this with "replace0".GIF and it will work fine. (http://www.winhex.com/winhex-e.zip)

1st Oct 2002, 02:14
I tried it in-game - it has the new texture, alright, but it's rainbow-ish, the way it's only supposed to be inside DromEd.


5th Oct 2002, 23:38
Yes, I think this may be a lost cause. *sigh*

1st Nov 2002, 15:20
I've experimented with this and discovered an awful truth.

The replace0 (1,2...).gif format only works with gif files that comply with the old txt directory palette. In other words, this works fine for Thief 1 and TG, but won't cut it in T2, unless you fix the gif file palette to match the full.pcx palette in the txt directory.
You don't need the palette stuff in the txt16, as long as it's 8 bit 256 colors.

It would be nice to be able to do this, but we can probably work around it. It will cause more .bin files to hang around, but they're generally not that big.