View Full Version : Why am I targeting "friends"?

18th Sep 2002, 02:48
So, I setup my first sandbox game in quite a long time, victory reqs were 50 techs and 300Kep and I specifically set it up so that combat wasn't allowed.

After a few amount of play, I got some skrashers that I had to take care of, but during the scuffle the computer also ended up adding a buch of one of my opponents employees as targets. So now, all of my greys, targs, etc are runng ALL OVER the station trying to take out these stray aliens. Furthermore, it won't let me untarget them. Is this a bug in the game or is there something I am doing wrong. Its turned really frustrating because 3 hours ago I was just about to win the game and now I care barely keep an even income.

Whats the beef here?


18th Sep 2002, 12:34
I assume you had "open doors" with the ally?

This is a bug I get sometimes . . . . it's a pain. Shut off the doors and let the killing finish.

Fire all your peeps in his segment.

No other real solution that I can think of.

On a side note . . . I am alive, I just did not have a net connection for the last 4 days. :mad: For some odd reason we were getting over 90% packet loss. Nasty Stuff. Anyway, it's working now . . . back to normal. :)