View Full Version : modding: place_furniture

18th Sep 2002, 00:02
how is place_furniture _supposed_ to work?

Through experimentation stumbling around, I could get it to work in my mission script, with some interesting bugs.

1) if you try to place_furniture for an item that doesn't yet exist in a crate, the game sometimes crashes to desktop with no error message.

2) place_furniture will work, if I first place a crate down of the item, and then place_furniture uses up the crate and sets the furniture item. Note that I have to put a delay between placing the crate and placing the item, for it to be available for the
place_furniture command.

The syntax I'm using to set a corridor lamp is basically:

Place_furniture 21 17 sub_deck Lamp north

This is, of course, after first placing a portable furniture_plan_crate containing a lamp.

Does anyone have a working example of place_furniture, or does it just work like this?