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3rd Jun 2012, 05:55
let me hear it!

best battle team?!

Battle teams for the main story and Chapter 11 farming

for story i used Lightning/Vanille/Hope why? so i didnt die had that medic power!

for farming and doing the missions i used Fang/Lightning/Hope or Lightning/Fang/Hope
Such a powerfull team!just use hope for the buffs and heals and build up that stagger!

Imo best team!

3rd Jun 2012, 07:29
Most of the time during Chapter 11, my team was Fang/Hope/Lightning. For Chapter 12 and 13 (before Orphan), I went with Snow/Lightning/Vanille. Then I switched again to F/H/L to defeat Orphan, and since then, it is my official l'Cie team.

3rd Jun 2012, 07:45
The best team in general for Chapter 11 storyline is Lightning/Vanille/Sazh, although there are several fights where it's worth switching your leader to Sazh/Vanille/Lightning. If you don't do any grinding or missions, you might need to bring in Fang over Lightning and maybe Hope over Sazh to take on the Boxed Phalanxes in Mah'habara and the optional fights in Sulyya Springs without shrouds or a Summon (or you could just use Odin, especially with a Deceptisol).

Best team for Chapters 12 and 13 is Lightning/Fang/Hope, although you should change that to Hope/Snow/Lightning for Proudclad 2 (and probably Proudclad 1, but I haven't tested that). I like Fang/Vanille/Sazh for Sacrifice farming, but I'm not sure that's the best farming team.

Best postgame team in general is Fang/Lightning/Snow, although there are a couple of cases where you want Vanille on lead, or Sazh instead of Snow.


3rd Jun 2012, 08:54
My game througout most of the game was Fang/Lightning/Hope since they were an awesome combination in farming Adamantoises. Fang as the leader with her Highwind, crazy high Strength and -ra buffs, Lightning with Poison and a balanced COM/RAV and Hope with his insane Magic stat made him awesome for RAV and MED.

3rd Jun 2012, 09:23
The best battle pre-post is:

Offensive: Lightning/Vanille/Sazh

Defensive: Vanille/Hope/Snow

What I use pre-post is the defensive team, so you got a SEN in your game.

Post Game, is always Lightning/Fang/Snow. But I use Vanille/Lightning/Fang.

3rd Jun 2012, 09:37
Fang (Main)



3rd Jun 2012, 10:17
I use Lightning, Fang, and Vanille prepost and post game.

3rd Jun 2012, 11:03
I used Hope as my leader with Lightning and Fang.

3rd Jun 2012, 11:36
For oretoise farming I love the Sazh-Light-Fang combo, I just summon, attack a couple times, spam cold blood til it's almost staggered, switch to sab-syn-syn to get deprotect to stick (here's when the summon drains out and the girls come back in) and bravera on Sazh, then switch to com-rav-rav and stagger, then cerberus to spam attack-blitz-blitz about six to eight times and it's dead. I think this is much faster than the death or highwind methods, TP farming time included. When I max out Vanille's SYN she'll take over for Light, bravera FTW!!! lol.

For a normal party, I use Light (fastest and best balanced character), Fang (highest strength), and Hope (highest magic). That way cerberus is useful if the enemy is resistant to str/mag, because only one of three characters gets shot in the foot, plus I have access to all buffs and debuffs

3rd Jun 2012, 21:09
Yeah I mostly used use the team Lightning/Fang/Hope for doing nearly everything, from missions to farming.

For missions I would use Lightning as the point character while farming for platinum ingots, I would switch to Fang. A good all round team - Lightning is balanced between strength & magic, Fang has the highest strength & Hope has the highest magic stats.

Also farming the Adamantortoise & Adamantoise are a breeze with Fang as point character, especially when you equip the Genji gloves. You can take out an Adamantoise at around the 2 min mark with the right paradigm set-up.

4th Jun 2012, 22:45
of course Lightning HOPE!!! D8 and snow...

15th Jun 2012, 17:57
Throughout the story, I used Lightning/Vanille/Fang & Lightning/Fang/Snow.

25th Jun 2012, 01:43
Pretty much just used Lightning/Fang/Hope for the story/my main Cieth stone mission party, but relied on Vanille/Snow/Hope for all of my gil farming. Vanille's Death and Snow's Sentinel buffs were the best for withstanding the 'toises.

29th Jun 2012, 22:03
I usually play as Vanille because I prefer to do my own healing rather than leaving it to the game-controlled characters. Fang is my heavy hitter for sure, and I usually switch it up with the third character between the others, but Lightning is usually my go-to girl because she's so balanced.

6th Jul 2012, 23:34
I used Lightning, Fang, and Hope all the way to the end!

Gosh I love them so freaking much. lol

13th Jul 2012, 17:45
Fang (Main)



Pretty much this. Team Charlie's Angels ftw.

26th Jul 2012, 19:40
Lightning, Hope, Fang / Lightning, Hope, Vanille

30th Jul 2012, 11:13
I used Fang/Hope/Lightning for any battle. For boss fights I used Fang/Hope to cast buffs/ailments while Lightning did some damage, then I'd switch to make Fang/Lightning go on the offensive and Hope as a medic (and occasionally go on the offensive too).

2nd Aug 2012, 00:57
best team ever lightning snow and vanille. snow cause he is bad ass. lightning cause she is a leader after all and vanille causeher eidolith blew everyones out of the water. it kinda reminded me of rikkus machina maw from x-2

2nd Aug 2012, 09:01
What I use also is Light/Vanille/Hope. Best party for Mega curing possibilities and burst healing pre-post.

15th Aug 2012, 14:13
Lightning - Without a doubt the best in combat in my opinion, she is extremely versatile in combat.

Vanille - A very strong character, I currently use her as a healer, but I try my best to change her role around.

Fang - Very good with magic I find, also a very swift character (and she's pretty to look at!).