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17th Sep 2002, 22:08
Hello Artists,
Thanks to the great idea by Necropotence, we are having an Legacy of Kain series Art Contest! Any original Blood Omen or Soul Reaver themed art is welcome. It can be drawings, computer art, paintings, sculptures, you name it. You must be able to post it or a photo of it here in the LOK forums. The deadline for the contest is October 15, 2002 and will be judged by some members of the Blood Omen 2 team.

The prizes are as follows:

1st prize - Soul Reaver 2 poster and SR1-2 promo soundtrack
2nd prize - Soul Reaver 1 promotional stand up and SR1-2 promo soundtrack
3rd prize - SR1-2 promo soundtrack

Post your art in the Legacy of Kain Community Chat Forum.

Crystal Dynamics

17th Sep 2002, 23:37
Ok, everybody I'm starting a pool! :D

Who's money is on Serul? ;)

Umah Bloodomen
17th Sep 2002, 23:45
I think willow is Serul's only competition. ;) :p

18th Sep 2002, 19:35
lol :D :D :D

19th Sep 2002, 14:38
dont forget about me!!!
if i only had a scanner id post somthing new...mabe somthing old then, just for fun :)

the abyss
19th Sep 2002, 15:44
hmm i was working on a sketch of what could have been the vampiric skull on the reaver when he was alive...i might submit it...

Umah Bloodomen
19th Sep 2002, 16:28
What the hell was I thinking?!? Forgive me Gorechild. ;) I think this contest will be between Serul, willow and Gorechild.

(Love the comic-type art) ;)

Crazy Dragon
20th Sep 2002, 03:10
whoopsies...stupid me...*goes and puts that where it belongs*

20th Sep 2002, 03:29
Who was the one who drew the "sensual" Janos? I think the e-mail address was esoteric@gate.... something. It was a very good drawing

Umah Bloodomen
20th Sep 2002, 21:28
Judging by the link name, I would assume that esoteric is the artist for that one. You may want to check her site to see if it's there.

23rd Sep 2002, 09:37
there are some things that u cant see but only feel it. Iam into this competition tooooo :rolleyes:

23rd Sep 2002, 09:54
ahhhhrrrggg feel my fists of fury!!! i shall win this competition and rule the worldmuhahahahahah
ps umah your forgiven ;)