View Full Version : Forget Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft! Go for Emily Mortimer instead!!

17th Sep 2002, 21:34
I know that Angelina Jolie probably looks a bit more like Lara Croft when comparing faces, but when it comes down to being cool and zuper-zexy the way Lara Croft has always been ever since 1996, ... Emily Mortimer is definitely the winner!

Or at least: Emily Mortimer in "The 51st state"; that is. I also saw her in Scream 3 and I never thought of Lara Croft when watching her. But in "The 51st state" Emily Mortimer plays the part of a hired gun who is sent out by Meat Loaf to go and kill people. Her character is very good ... simply excellent at what she does and in short: Emily Mortimer IS Lara Croft!! I loved her the moment she appeared on screen! Go watch the movie; not only because it's quite a funny picture with Samuel L. Jackson at what he does best, but also to convince yourself that there are other women but Angelina Jolie out there who can do a great job as some Lara Croft-character as well!!

I then looked up some pictures of hers on some internet pages and she doesn't look the way her character in "The 51st state" does. Damn, I guess I'm too much of a dreamer anyhow.

Kurtis Trent
21st Sep 2002, 21:30
Who are you talking about? Ive never even heard of her. But, AJ is doing the TR movies, but hey, anybody can dream. :p:D:D:p

21st Sep 2002, 22:02
i have never heard of her either
and while i am learning to respect other forum members opinions in topics about someone other than AJ in the tomb raider movies, it is still unheard of in my world
AJ always
no substitutions

*starts taking deep breaths*
-that is however, just my opinion:mad: