View Full Version : Keep your fingers crossed...

17th Sep 2002, 20:11
This past week, there were 2 horses that were confirmed to have west nile virus and they live within 3 miles of my horses. I know the owners and the horses got sick after receiving the vaccine. That is why I have not given my trusty steeds the vaccine yet - although I have it.

I was strongly encouraged by my vet to give my horses the vaccine and so I am giving them the shots today. I have really been stressed out about doing this but the vet said if they get sick from the vaccine, they have a 95% chance of surviving. If they get sick from a 'skeeter biting them, then they have a slim chance of survival.

Both are young, healthy and strong. But I will be very nervous for the next 2 weeks.

Just thought I'd unload on you all and hope to join all the tafferettes and those taffers in drag at the Thievery tonight.

17th Sep 2002, 20:16
What a difficult decision to have to make, littlek! It sounds like you're doing the right thing, though and I'm sure your horses will do just fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed too, though, just for luck! :)