View Full Version : help! i cant get past rahab!!!

17th Sep 2002, 17:20
hi there i,ve recently discovered soul reaver & so far so good! but there is a slight problem.
i need advice on how to defeat rahab! all i seem to do is jump around & try & shoot at the staind glass windows but with no success,please could someone out there tell me how do i kill this menace! as i am dying to finish this game & start s/r2,cheers!!!!

17th Sep 2002, 17:50
Thats all u do really :) use ur force thingies and shoot all 6 windows so the light gets in. on the 6th window it will reflect and kill him.

17th Sep 2002, 18:43
Don't bother moving around at all.... just stand in the place where you start and use your telekinetic gift, ignore Rehab even if he hits you you can still fire telekinetic blasts. Hope that helps.

22nd Sep 2002, 20:15
Ignore Rahab even if he hits you, and continue to aim and fire at each of the stained glass windows.

If you lose your entire health, simply absorb some souls and find the warp back to the physical world.

Keep breaking windows until they are all broken, Rahab will die.

23rd Sep 2002, 09:31
if you are using a pc version use your left ctrl to aim and fire:rolleyes: