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17th Sep 2002, 16:53
While making updates for my fanmissions, I started thinking about to put them together in a campaign. It will be much work, I have to change some of the custom objects and some of the books, because they would overwrite each other, when I put it together in one zip-file.
My question is, is it worth? Should I do this, or should I leave this? How do you think about? :)

17th Sep 2002, 17:56
I don't really see any pressing reason for you to go to all that work, Christine. The missions work very nicely now and it would be a waste of your time, IMHO. (I'm just selfish. I want you to use your time to work on NEW missions! :D )

17th Sep 2002, 18:25
hm, while making an update, I would remove the loot-bugs ;) ...and trying to make Escape and Revenge ghostable :)

17th Sep 2002, 19:36
I haven't played your missions yet, so I am wondering:
Do your missions tell a single story or are they unrelated to each other?
If they tell one story, then yes do a mission pack.
Otherwise, I would do what Nightwalker said and start work on your next FM.

17th Sep 2002, 20:32
Yes the missions tell one story... :)
I won't start a new mission yet, I have 3 missions for the Night Falcon in beta-testing, and I'm waiting for the results of the tester.... :rolleyes: ...and I hate sitting around and waiting ;) :D

17th Sep 2002, 22:01
I don't see why any custom stuff would overwrite other stuff - you can have a separate .gam file for each and every mission. Or do you mean that you used the same model names and object names but changed the .bin files or the same sound names but changed the .snd files? In that case yeah, you'd have to do some juggling. It's your call - mission series, like yours, can work just fine without being in a single campaign, but having it all as a big campaign is indeed a bit cooler.

17th Sep 2002, 22:25
I have used different gifs for the customobjects with the same bin name, for example the custom shield made by schwaa. purple/orange for the guards in the first mission and blue/white for the citywatch in the third mission....and so on. Changed some of the sound files. And some books/letters have the same str name, but different text in each mission..... :rolleyes:

Keeper Collins
18th Sep 2002, 01:07
Cristen,your FM's are great just the way they are. What really impressed me about your Fm's was the new coustom objects. I loved them! If you overwrite some of those objects the FM will still be good just not as good with out the new objects you made.
And besides, packs take a long time to download.

18th Sep 2002, 15:48
@ Keeper Collins

You had missunderstand it - I won't change the custom objects. But I have to do some work in dromed to keep them as they are.

18th Sep 2002, 23:27
Sure it would be nice to see some bug fixing, etc. and all in one pack...since it is a continuing story, and I for one didn't realize it was a series of missions based on this fact and so did a couple out of order. I think most of us have played them already and to my way of thinking...would now be kindof a wasted time and effort on your part? But if you want to do it to gain some extra knowledge about doing it and YOU want to do it...then go for it :) So on that note...whatever you decide...Good Luck and Good Hunting! :)

18th Sep 2002, 23:42
A mission pack always seems more professional to me. I think your work is outstanding and deserves that final spit and polish. :)

19th Sep 2002, 02:11
Packing them into a single mission might make the file so big that some taffers might not bother to download it. A lot of users still use dial-up.

However, it would be convenient if the mission names and .zip file names had a common prefix so they would group together in Darkloader. Mission names and filenames like (for a 3-part series):
"CS_A1: Lord Ashton's"
"CS_A2: A Night's Stroll"
"CS_A3: Escape!"
would group the missions together whether by their title or their filename, and in their correct play order, when sorting in Darkloader. You might want to use 3 characters as your prefix just to help ensure your files don't get mixed in with someone else with the same initials for their first and last name. Your next series might be, for example:
"CS_B1: Eden Destroyed"
"CS_B2: Hazardous Alliance"
"CS_B3: Betrayal"

This would work just about as well to keep the associated missions grouped together by using the sorting in Darkloader as having them all piled into one super large .zip mission pack file. In fact, if you used this naming scheme or something like it, all your missions would get grouped together, in order of their series, in their play order. (I'm assuming Darkloader sorts the same way that I'm showing above.)

The only reason why you might want to consider a mission pack is that, I think, you can have your loot carryover to the next mission to affect how much you could purchase at that mission's loadout screen.

19th Sep 2002, 05:39
I'm with Komag.... :)
The mission-pack would be smaller, than the single missions together. There are many files, that used in every mission or 3 of them, like the burricks. You have to download it with every single zip-file, in a mission-pack it is only one time... I have tested it, the file has 19,2 MB.

BTW: I have made an update for Escape! and Revenge. Overworked the sound and light, remove the lootbug and make some little changes to make the missions ghostable. I hope it is possible now (I was ghosting the first time, I hope I've done nothing wrong). :)

5th Oct 2002, 12:18
I have decided to make a 5-missionpack...;) :D

You can take a look at some early screenshots from my upcoming mission here (http://hometown.aol.de/zinkchristine/index.html)

5th Oct 2002, 12:37

9th Oct 2002, 18:45
The light isn't serious yet :cool: ;)

9th Oct 2002, 20:28
Those screenies look very fine Christine and continued success with your mission. I am wondering however, will this be also available as a single file rather than only being available in your 5 pack? Reason being is that I have dial-up and would be a very long download overall...since I have the other four (even with fixes) I'd rather not go through all that just to get one more game that would be added in. I hope you can understand my reason for thinking this way, as you know, I have enjoyed your FM's very much and am really looking forward to playing the next one. :) I just don't want to have to spend hours and hours re-downloading it all :) Thank you and Good Hunting!

9th Oct 2002, 21:14
@ Huntress

this mission will be available as single file and in the mission pack :) I hope, you will like it, too. It is being beta testing now.

I can understand you very well, because I have only a slow 56k modem....:rolleyes:

10th Oct 2002, 12:53
Originally posted by ChristineS
I have decided to make a 5-missionpack...