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Power reaver
17th Sep 2002, 08:00
The forum has been going slow lately so I decided to do what I could to get it up and running .

Well its basically a LOK fic that continues from person (I say a few lines , than your turn , after you finnish its the other guys turn)
The only difference is that this fic will be pure DUM , and funny . Yes people make it as funny as possible . We will pit a few LOK characters in a stupid situation and we ll see how they fare .

Rules :
1) A person can only take 1 turn per fic .
2) No fic will be larger than 10 posts , the 10 th poster is supposed to end the fic . The 11th is supposed to start a new one .
3) You can take your turn again after the new fic begins
4) No one will stray from the fic which is already started , meaning if I start a fic about Kain getting his 1st shorts no one will change it to Melchiah becoming a whoopie cushion (I still remember that one , we should continue that Roxy , Rio and all the other people who were there) without doing away with the shorts .

Well those were the rules , now lets start a fic .

Dumah and the conquest of the Humans....uhhhh I meant the Dumahim .

Kain : Dumah , your an idiot , your so arrogant that you you you ........... SPILT YOUR DRINK ALL OVER THE REAVER .

Dumah : Uhhhhh , is that bad ?

Kain : GRRRRR , why dont you go to the Abyss and check whether Raz has emerged yet .

Dumah : Raz who ?

Kain : Raz as in Razi....zi.....zi......zi gawwwww , you know I cant pronounce EL .

Dumah : Are you talkin about the time I wet my pants ?

Kain : Just go !

Dumah : Where ?

Kain : To the Abyss , you imbesel !

Dumah : Ohhhhhhhh

Dumah runs to the big metal door and


Crashes right into it , all the machinery used to open the door falls right on him . Dumah removes his hand from the rubble and waves .

Dumah : Iam OK . Iam O......K......

Kain : [In a high pitched femine tone and with Sarcasm and Disgust ] WHY ???????????

Dumah walks to the Abyss and looks down

Dumah : Wow , thats a lot of of of of of of , uhhh Kain whats that trans trans trans.......

Kain : transparent ?

Dumah : Yes , that transparent thing that I dont like ?

Kain : Hydrogenated oil ?:confused:

Dumah : No , I love that , I mean the thing I dont like .....

Kain : Water ?

Dumah : Yes , ummm thats a lot of water ....

Kain : Duhhhhhh , its the Abyss , bucket head , its where you and Turel through in Raz .

Dumah : Thats must have been painfull for my bro , man when I get my hands on the person who threw him in I ll ....

Kain : You threw him in , grrrrr :mad:

Dumah : OHHHhhhhhhh........

Kain :[To himself] I could have killed that Drunk and ressurect him as my 3 rd son but NOOOOOOO I ressurected Mr. Smarty Pants Here . I wish I could get rid of him .

Dumah : Vuuuuu MAN , thats big

Kain : The Water ?

Dumah : No

Kain : The Drop ?

Dumah : No

Kain : The possibility of you being a knuckle head ?

Dumah : huh ? No I meant this cockroach , hey can cockroaches swim , lets see .

Dumah Spit out a lot of spit and put the cockroach in the spit .


Kain : [To Himself] This is my chance .......

Kain approached Dumah catiously ......

26th Sep 2002, 00:38
(Okay, here it goes...)

Kain sneeks up on Dumah, ready to push him over the edge of the cliff into the abyss when....


Kain: *stumbles forward, almost falling off himself* "Aaaaghh!!! *turns around* WHAT?!?!?! You DUMB@$$!!! Whya gotta go and sneek up on me like that?!"

Dumah: *oblivious* "..go roachie, go roachie..."

Rahab: "I just wanted to know what the hell you guys were doing out here. Sheesh! I was gettin' bored, so I decided to go bug... er.... I mean.... see you guys."

Kain: "......" *thinks to himself* '****! Now I got two idiots here. Hm.. I could still push them both in.... Would losing Rahab mean anything? Nah!'

Rahab goes over to Dumah, both backs turned to Kain and facing they're facing the abyss, Kain once again sneeks up from behind; they are cheering on the poor roach, which is still having a world of hell in it's current position. Kain still tries stealth, even though they both 'should' know he's there, because they are too stupid to remember anything for more than five seconds - unless it is right in front of them....

(Was this okay? I tried.... I love RP's! It's just that I'm not used to using the actual LOK characters - especially this way.)

12th Oct 2002, 18:56
((Anybody wanna continue? Sorry to go against the rules Power Reaver, but how about we start anew if people wanna use their own characters - just start a new RP. Anybody??? C'mon, I know you all wanna RP!!! Don't deny it! Just post if you're interested in RPing. Pleeeeaaaaasssseee!!!:D ))