View Full Version : The Jokekathon (PR' s BCs)

Power reaver
17th Sep 2002, 07:15
Welcome to the Jokekathon , I have been seeing that this forum is going to the dead so its about time we use the HoD / or passtime in other words to bring it back to light .

Post all of your good jokes here :

Rules :
1)The jokes should be decent as this is a family forum .:o
2)No jokes should be directed to anyone on this forum , unless you are allowed to do so .;)

Well what are you guys waiting for , go right ahead . :D

Me ? Well I ll wait till I hit upon a good joke cause I havent heard one in a long time . :rolleyes:

(If your wondering what PR's BCs stands , its full form is Power reaver's Boredom Cures( laim aint it :rolleyes: )