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Master Garett
16th Sep 2002, 12:56
i need help!!

where are all the weapons! A gun with only 1 bullet isn't exactly enough...

i can kill the guard in front of the mansion, but that's it, for the rest I'm a sitting duck!

16th Sep 2002, 22:54
You have about 8 pistols, each with one bullet. Simply walk up to him without weapons drawn and you will "give him" (without any actions by yourself the player, it's a script) your forged invite, in which you can pass him, turn around and BJ him. BJ guests and servants after you shoot the gaurds upstairs (and make sure you only use one bullet each, it's easy to miss, but you'll need them for later).

Master Garett
17th Sep 2002, 13:46
I see... and where is the BJ? cause you don't have one at start...

18th Sep 2002, 01:37
Oh, you must be playing Acolyte or Master (or whatever). The bj isn't available on those levels, as maybe even the lockpicks (though you don't need them). I suggest playing on Normal first, b/c this is a very difficult-to-understand game at first. I've play through it halfway and then did again (until I came to a bug when I shot u-know-who-maybe?) and I still missed a lot or was confused a lot. It's hard on Normal because of police patrols later in the game (in which there's a police officer at every corner) but I'm sure you can still just barely manage. And DO NOT waste your bullets. Even if you only miss one shot, have a quick load.
[EDIT] Unless of course you just missed it laying on your desk at the begining. That's where it starts at.[\EDIT]

Master Garett
18th Sep 2002, 09:25
ok, restarted at normal...

got now the BJ and lockpicks, but am completely stuck!
- secret door in Library that wont open
- ghost in cellar of mansion with crown?
- no document to be found on why crown is taken...
- and a locked door upstairs that can't be open...
- plus 2 keys I don't know the use for...

19th Sep 2002, 01:49
Secret Door: I never figured out how to open it either.
Keys: One is used for the Library door (when you're on hard, you need it), the other I don't know, maybe the basement key?
Locked Door: See Ghost
Document: See Ghost
Ghost: Watch him, go to the safe he opened, read/get everything. Backtrack. There should be a now opened metal door in the basement somewhere that was unfrobbable before. Follow it. Investigate the room.