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2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 07:42
wen u put the spy in the vehicle and then the others i get spotted by enemy

my spy is wearing the generals uniform a green colour.
i have the id card
my other 2 commandos r wearing blue uniforms
im pretty sure iv done evrything rite
but that blue guy that cheqs the id finds me and starts shooting

guys i juz intsalled the game on ma old comp and will install it on ma new 1 wen i get XP.

i saw in a walkthrough (juz to find out how to get in:rolleyes: ) and the pic showed a truck, but in my version i hav a car. my version is australian (cos i live there :o )

is there a way to get past it or what am i doin wrong.

16th Sep 2002, 10:56
First you need to check your spelling;)

and the answer is: use the truck and not the car. the commandos can't hide in a small car

Welcome to the forum:)

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 10:59
wheres the F!@# truck

in the breifing the theif says use the vehicle to get ur men into the complex. and it clearly shoes the general nxt to his car (i think :confused: )

does spelling really matter

and thx for ur welcome.

16th Sep 2002, 11:04
The spy have the papers, and he has the uniform. then you find the truck at east of the base. Where the railroad starts. outside the walls.

and no spelling doesn't matter, just mentioning it

you're welcome

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:06
so the spy has to walk for a wile until he reaches the truck

that makes the game unrealistic as the spy cant run or he will be spotted

y dont the enemy get spotted wen they run by there own team.

16th Sep 2002, 11:10
yes i know it is stupid, but it wasn't always like that. in commandos BEL u could run.

and I never use the truck anyway. I kill everyone outside the base and enter.

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:15
lol good idea, but thats a bit hard...

o well il try killin as its FUN... lets get those nazi's!

how do u kill the guy on the roof of the radio room at the front wit out being detected as he sees evrything. i tried it and some dude saw him and ALARM! ALARM! and patrols came out and a tank so i restarted.

we're havin a convo er ay

so u worked ur way into the complex

i killed to workers inside that u can see from the outside i shoot and the came runnin and bam.

no one else saw it xcept a soldier on the wall but he juz went 'sumfin in german' and went on. makes my job a tad easier. :D

16th Sep 2002, 11:22
even though the alarm goes off, it is easy as hell. just kill everyone with rifles and machine guns if you don't care about the score. fun!:)

if you want to kill the guy on the roof silent, then just climb the ladder and knife him, or knock him out

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:25
oh yeah i always wanted to know how the hell do u stab ppl wit the diver as in the 80mb+ trailer it shows him coming out of the water and cutting a guys throught(unsure of spelling).

16th Sep 2002, 11:29
Sorry that is not possible, diver can only throw knife or use harpoon gun(don't ask how).
Green Beret can use the knif to stab people. you get him by radioing hq. and then click on the parachute button and click were you want him.

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:31
so wat about that movie, it looks so groosome like he cuts him right at the throught and u hear a muffled scream.

stupid intimidating trailers

16th Sep 2002, 11:33
sorry I didn't see the trailer, but many things have changed since the made the trailer I guess...

I probably won't post more now untill tomorrow, so cya

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:34

that was a nice convo over a forum :D

16th Sep 2002, 18:19
You went up the wrong beach, that is why you had to walk taht far, if you would have gone onto the right beach you would have gotten at the truck in 2 minutes after starting the mission.

2000 voltz
17th Sep 2002, 07:03
what can i say...


2000 voltz
17th Sep 2002, 07:07
that means the breifing was wrong as the theif shows the other general and his stupid car... or was it on purpose to tortue our fragile little minds...:cool:

17th Sep 2002, 07:36
Didn't know that either. I have always taken the way with the mines, but I'll try to enter the base at the other side when I ever play Commandos 2 again

17th Sep 2002, 12:11
Originally posted by 2000 voltz
that means the breifing was wrong

The briefing was not wrong. It just shows one way of getting in. The other one is by the other side. Actually you need only the Spy to enter the base to have the objective ticked.

Iakovos :)

17th Sep 2002, 12:38
You need to get the soy in the truck and enter the base from the other side (front gate) to get the secodairy objective checked though.

17th Sep 2002, 15:54
AFter you cut the mine cables Fins can knife the goon near the boat ramp toward the BACK end of the complex. Inferno can then clear the mines and cut the wire. The officer can be taken out easily so Spooky has a uniform right away. AFter you take out the worker and guy with rifle in the back you have access to the truck. If you want have Lupin turn loose Whiskey. When Spooky whistles he brings the entrance papers and viola, you can go in. If he gets in the truck 1st and Fins and Inferno enter the truck from the back tailgate you can get in.

In reality Spooky can walk to Lupin and get the papers so you can forget the dog and the goal will still be checked off. Once Spooky is in the compound he can go on a shopping spree of goodies for the commandos to use. Just get him in the officers unifrom as soon as possible and run it any way you want from there. There are many ways to go.

2000 voltz
22nd Sep 2002, 02:43
thx ppl but i finished it and im currenty on mission 5 (bridge over the river kwai)

thx anyways