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16th Sep 2002, 02:35
How do you get all the fun stuff in sandbox mode?

16th Sep 2002, 21:01
Good question!!

After running through all of the scenarios, I've noticed that upon going back into sandbox mode, you can only use the buildings that were available when you played that scenario! Is there any way to make the later buildings available on the earlier islands??


16th Sep 2002, 23:09
I have 5 stars atleast 2 of each basic building still i cant get any of the other stuff like a stage or cafe 2 or any of it what gives??
must be a bug.

18th Sep 2002, 19:44
Simple answer to that one..... alter the game slightly.

when I bought the game (the day it was released) I wanted to give myslef extra money, so I could build and build without worries.

So I went through the game files seeing if I could edit sumin.

On my travels through the files I found out how to give myself all the buildings for all sandbox and scenario levels.

Its simple to do.

Go to your scenarios folder (which is in your data folder).

In there there will be a list of folders (i.e. sandscenario1, sandscenario2, scenario1, scenario2 etc).

Open them up and open the *.pis file. Here there is a list off all the buildings for that scenario.

So go to sandscenario12 and copy all the buildings from there

It will look sumin like this:

// Level 1 onwards

// Level 2 onwards

// Level 3 onwards

// Level 4 Onwards

// Level 5 Onwards

// Level 6 Onwards

// Level 7 Onwards

// Level 8 Onwards

copy all that and paste it in over your existing building list on all your other scenarios. Then boot the game up and load the level and they will all be available (obviously there are still some requirements.... i.e. you can't have theme bar without a beachbar etc).

note that if you edit this file and then boot up a SAVED game the building wont be there... you need to start fresh.