View Full Version : I need help in "Tower of Illiusion"

Keeper Collins
15th Sep 2002, 18:21
I have riaded the Hammer commpound from top to bottom(this includes those horrid crypts) and have come to the end of the FM.
However, I can't open the cadge door to get to Oblivion Gateway.
It sounds as if I'll need to "borrow" a few itemes to open it. So I need to know were is the biulders chisel and this holy soward of the undead?

15th Sep 2002, 20:00
If you've found all the keys, then the first door into the Portal area unlocks with the Rosary beads, the second one with a blue key that you should have gotten from the Priest in the Library across the hallway. Once you're in there, go up the stairs to get to the Chisel room. Rope arrow up above the "cage" surrounding the Chisel and then down inside. The Chisel unlocks the doors, so you don't need to rope arrow up to get out. Then go back down and the Chisel will unlock the final door to the Portal.