View Full Version : Do we need another Godfather?

15th Sep 2002, 16:16
Asked by DaveJ after I had mentioned in a post that I went to see the latest Tom Hanks-movie "Road to perdition" and expected a movie that would be almost as good as "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas". It was a disappointment and even if I had gone into the cinema with no expectations of any kind, it would've turned out to be just as weak, I think.

Anyway: the question I wanna ask you is:

After three excellent Godfather-films, would you care for another one?

15th Sep 2002, 16:57
a fourth, fifth and sixth couldnt hurt...right? :D:p

15th Sep 2002, 18:07
I know I'm alone in this, but the first one bored me rigid.
Well made, well acted blah blah blah etc...but I just hate gangster movies.

Sue me.

The films I call 'classics' are the ones that affect me personally....not the ones society at large has deemed 'classic'.

THE True Lara
15th Sep 2002, 19:00
You're not alone, I didn't even see all of the first one because I all but feel asleep!

Sorry Godfather, it's just the way it is. 'The Untouchables' is about as Gangster movie-ish as I can stand. (oh yeah, and Bugsey Malone ;) )


Lil Lara
16th Sep 2002, 01:36
I haven't seen any of them. :rolleyes: lol

16th Sep 2002, 21:48
Hey Drexel, how did you do that spoiler thingy? (I think you knew this question was coming up, right?)

Oh and this is a for everyone: no more apologies for people who haven't seen or simply didn't like The Godfather. It's true that this series is one of thé best of all times, but it's a genre like any other. You don't like the genre, you don't like the movies ... it's that simply. So, don't be sorry, y'all! I forgive you ... despite the fact that it's almost illegal to not like "The Godfather" But everybody's got an opinion and I respect that, no? :D :D

C ya!

I'm of to bed ... it's *checking* ... *still checking* ... 11.36 now.


16th Sep 2002, 22:58
Scared me for a minute there.....
I thought he (godfather) was asking if we need another member who post a lot of (Lame ) polls......:D whew....

John Carter
17th Sep 2002, 03:42
Wheesh, me too, mulder. :D

I now understand the opposition to human cloning research.

Just joshin' ya, there, GF. I truly feel that your interminable polls are the greatest contribution to world literature since the Epic of Gilgamesh. ;)

Uh, no. Like DaveJ, the whole gangster flick genre leaves me cold. You can only have so many horse heads in a bed before it gets old.

17th Sep 2002, 11:30
Marlon Brando and Al Pacino rocked as Godfathers!

17th Sep 2002, 19:53
I don't mind that y'all are teasing me. You see: in Belgium we have got this expression which goes something like this:

"You tease whom you love"

So ... it's great to be loved! :D