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15th Sep 2002, 11:31
My recent works;




Want some more?
Visit Tomb Raider Korea-Click 'Gallery' at the top-Click 'Postcards' on the left to get 31 postcards featuring original Lara Croft, AOD Lara Croft, AJ in the TR movie, etc. :D

Kurtis Trent
15th Sep 2002, 17:43
Very nice. I'll look at the others on your site now. :)

Raider Sunrise
18th Sep 2002, 10:54
They look wonderful TombLady!!! :)

18th Sep 2002, 19:45
thats great... they look wonderful.:) you do very nice work.

22nd Sep 2002, 00:28
Those are great thanks for sharing:)

Island Girl
22nd Sep 2002, 23:45
Really Cool postcards. Can you tell me if I need to download them to send them. They are really cool and I have family not here on this island so I would like to send them a postcard. And unfortunately not all of them have email. Thanks a bunch I really appreciate it.

Love & Aloha

Island Girl

22nd Sep 2002, 23:48

Better than your average everyday gift shop postcards!:p

23rd Sep 2002, 13:47
Island Girl@I'm glad you like it. To use them as 'real' postcards, just download and print them out on paper. There will be no problems when you post them, since I tried to make them as similar as possible to real postcards in their size or format-at least, the Korean postcards(I don't know what Hawaiian postcards look like).

Feel free to ask for help anytime. I'll be ready to help.

Island Girl
24th Sep 2002, 03:30
Thanks TombLady.........

I will try and download them to my computer. Hawaiian post card are the same size, but we don't have no Lara Croft postcards thats for sure :D . Thanks again

Love & Aloha