View Full Version : Why Did Theresa Shut Down Tombraiders.com?

15th Sep 2002, 04:23

I was enquiring about this in the AOD Forum, and Collin suggested I ask here.

Several years ago, there was a great TR site called tombraiders.com (with an "s"), run by a woman named Theresa Something. Then abruptly one day, it had been abandoned. There was no new content, and Theresa didn't respond to e-mail.

After a while, it timed out or whatever on the host, and now it's gone entirely. And ever since then, I've scratched my head trying to fathom what went south. :confused:

Collin said that there were a number of refuges here from that site, so I thought I'd ask the burning question: what actually happened? Why did Theresa abandon the site? Does anybody here know?



15th Sep 2002, 09:53
This topic is not open for discussion here as it would not be nice to talk about her behind her back, I hope you understand, however suffice to say your other question; yes many did come here from Tombraiders. ;)