View Full Version : hitman 2 demo?

14th Sep 2002, 19:44
HEy i dled the hitman 2 demo and installed it and when i open it, It closes automatically....anyone know what i can do to fix it???

14th Sep 2002, 20:29
Wow....that's interesting...check this out....

Last week I bought an issue of Computer Gaming World...and it came with a disc with Hitman 2 demo on it( plus Duke Nukem:Manhattan Project and a few others)..anyway it installed fine...but when you open it, it closes automatically. Just the same as yours....Pretty strange, considering I have 6 different games and a few demos on my PC and everyone installed and plays flawless.
I finally gave up trying to play the disc....

Anyone want it? I'll mail it to ya......:D

14th Sep 2002, 21:03
Most probable cause-DirectX Hardware Sound Accelerattion. Try disabling it. In case you don't know how:

- Start->Run
- Type dxdiag and run
- After it loads, click on Sound tab and you should see Sound Acceleration Slider. Move it all the way to the left.

Other probable cause is GFX card drivers. If you have nVidia chip you might wanna downgrade drivers to version 28.32. That is of course if you are using latest drivers now.

14th Sep 2002, 23:29
Try playing it in Window instead of Fullscreen ;)

15th Sep 2002, 01:01
thanks xcom it worked :)

15th Sep 2002, 19:31
I updated my GF2's drivers two months ago--does this mean I need to get the "new" drivers or should I instead downgrade to 28.32?

16th Sep 2002, 01:17
What OS do you use? The new drivers (40.41) (http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=winxp-2k_archive) seem to work fine with the demo. In fact, Nvidia was made aware of specific problems in the Hit2 demo before they released these drivers, and made specific fixes because of that. So we've got that going for us... which is nice.

16th Sep 2002, 22:27
Ah. I wasn't aware of the 40.41 drivers. (I'm with Windows ME, by the way) One more thing--300MHz processor? Those System Requirements are less than Hitman 47's... Are you sure there's no mistake there, Zaph?

17th Sep 2002, 01:43
I'm never sure about anything.

I'll look into this.