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14th Sep 2002, 18:31
This is a link to the site of a friend, Will Brady, with notes and photoes of the Insomniac and Bob Hare. One of the "Beats" from the Keroac, Ginsberg era.

I used to pop into the Insomniac in the 50's, when I was hanging out in Venice and the other BEATNIK places of the time. Knew Bob -not intimately but enough to speak with once in a while- as well as some of the other characters of the time.

Big Daddy Nord, among others, and I used to hang out in a cellar in Venice west and raise a commotion with Bongos and Guitars not to mention interesting smoking material. Ahhhh! The good old days.


Click on ORDER CD to hear a 5 minute sample. The Order form does not commit you, just gives you a link to the sampler.

15th Sep 2002, 00:26
I think I would have fit better into the 50's described above than the 80's, or at least how I remember the 80's anyway. Thanks, tBM. :)