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14th Sep 2002, 18:03
Whats up everyone! I just finished Soul Reaver 2. This was the last of the legacy of kain games I had to play. I have to say that these games have the best storyline for any game I have ever played. This series has made it to #1 in my favorite list. But I had one question after finishing Soul Reaver 2... Will there be another??? I dont think anyone wants the series to end :D

Reaver of Souls
14th Sep 2002, 18:56
I'm sure there's a thread (or 2, or 3, or 65) *somewhere* around here that talks about this but since I can't remember where I can't link it. :rolleyes:
As far as I know there has been no official public announcement, but *somehow* we've gained knowledge that the good people at CD and Eidos are currently working on SR3 :D. It's still in the very early stages, which means they're probably still working on the storyline and plot.

BTW, Lok games are on my #1 list too :D

15th Sep 2002, 00:09
WELCOME TO THE FORUMS, YAP!! Always nice to hear from another big fan of the series!! :cool:

Lady Kreliana
15th Sep 2002, 02:07
Welcome to the board, Yap. As the others have said, SR3 is currently in its preliminary stages, so the answer to your question (obviously) is yes, there will be an SR3. :)

Power reaver
16th Sep 2002, 11:31
Welcome Yap !:)