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Canyon Wolf
14th Sep 2002, 05:28
If any of you ever find the time to pry yourself away from the monitor and stick your head into a few books (joke intended), what have you been reading? Myself, apart from the requisite college textbooks, have been reading The Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin's series. It's old news by now, but dammit, that man KNOWS how to write. Fantasy haven't felt this good since the first book I read.

Besides that, I've been reading some utterly Japanese mangas. I can decode around 20-30% of the language usage in most of 'em by now. I certainly hope I'll know enough to start deciphering those Sen fanfics soon.

Of course, most of you know that this topic sprung out of having nothing else to talk about.

14th Sep 2002, 13:44
I'm "reading" Perl5 by Clinton Pierce.

Complete title is Perl5 in 24 hours, but I've been reading it for weeks and can now make a script that displays "hello world" on screen. :)

16th Sep 2002, 06:47
Currently, I'm reading a series of four novels based on the Dark Matter roleplaying system. I'm in book #3 at the moment.

16th Sep 2002, 15:26

Waiting on the paperback release for Martin's latest release in A Song of Ice and Fire series. I'll pick it up then. The series is only 'so-so'.

Skimming through Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series again while waiting for the release of the 10th novel in that series. I believe it will release in early November. Not a boring moment in any book of this series. Much, much better than anything Martin has ever done.

Need to get around to getting Goodkind's latest novel for the "Sword of Truth" series. I think it is now in paperback which will make it easier to purchase.
Though the series started out with a bang, the author has kind of lost his way and mine, too. I don't think he knows where to take the series but deadlines force him to put out whatever to keep his contract. Shame. He was an interesting read at the beginning.

Also struggling through Tom Clancy's latest offering, The Red Rabbit. Clancy has definitely run out of worlds to conquer. I don't believe it is possible to write a story when most of the start, middle and end of the story is told in his other novels.
This book was a fanboy purchase. Had the book for several months and have made it through page 100 with 900 to go.

Need to get around to Brian Lumley's latest in his Vamphyri saga but I'm just not in that mood. I'd like to know if the 'hero' ever completely flushes the toilet of all those 'things'.

So, I like to read. :)

19th Sep 2002, 05:33
I usually consider myself somewhat of an intellectual; but whenever the topic of recreational reading comes up, I feel completely stupid.

The only book I'm reading right now (and have read in the past . . . oh . . . year and a half or so) is Course Technology's MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Professonal, and I haven't even been doing much with that for a while. (I really should . . . I want that Certification, and at least the Win2k adv server one too . . .)

The only thing about going back to school I'm NOT looking forward to is having to read in English class [ugh . . they make you read BOOKS ;-)]

I guess I should say I'm not much of a reader unless there's something I want to get out of it. (like the Windows books. I want to learn the OS in and out.)

19th Sep 2002, 05:35
I'm reading Touch by Elmore Leonard. Gotta love the Leonard.

Canyon Wolf
20th Sep 2002, 10:28
That just show how different we can get. :) I have this little boredom spell with the Path of Daggers. I don't know why either, but I can't get myself to read more than a few pages at a time anymore, and I'd had it since April. (Understand that our bookstores aren't very-well stocked when it comes to fantasy. *grumbles*)

22nd Sep 2002, 00:04
Hehehe. Path of Daggers sucks major ass, at least compared to the first half of the whole cycle... but hey... you have to be strong... there's light at the end of the tunnel. Winter's Heart is getting a lot better again especially since they finally finished that god damn bowl of winds business.
Basically, I'm a terribly slow reader, which blends with my general laziness. Right now I'm reading the WoT RPG sourcebook. I just hope I can gather a reasonably large party to actually *play* it, meh.

20th Oct 2002, 12:25

Still struggling with Clancy's newest: Red Rabbit. He could have done much better.

Path of Daggers wasn't all that bad. Still, he needs to finish this series shortly. It's to the point of 'dragging'. There's a Jordan e-reader blurb for sale at Amazon.com for his new novel. $3.50 will get you the Prologue.

We'll probably see a video game or movie of the Wheel of Time series if he ever finishes it.

20th Oct 2002, 13:53
Lots of readers reading lots of good and not so good book! As for me, since going off line in late August, I must have read thirty books (or more), and do I remember even one of them? No.

That fact should give you some idea about the sheer boredom with which I have been afflicted. Life without internet access is not a nice thing at all, and reading simply to fill endless boring hours is not conducive to really reading for the sheer pleasure of diving into a story that intrigues you.

Oh, maybe I should amend one thing...I do remember reading the Ice Wind Dale books, and most of the Redwall series. Yes, Redwall, the young reader's fun fantasy stories starring animal characters instead of human heroes, general protagonists, and villains. Good fun stuff as far as I'm concerned.

The last two months I have been accessing a used paperback book store in the neighborhood (like a block or so from one of the Beltway Sniper's kills at an Exxon station). There I simply grab books at random and take them home and devour them. In two months you can imagine the amount of trash that has passed through my head without leaving a trace!;)

Just read back over this and how boring! Well, the MAS3 story is moving again and really well...that I remember!

20th Oct 2002, 14:46
Currently going to get started on Robert Jordan's first book on the Wheel of Time series.

18th Nov 2002, 14:31
This seemed a good thread to me, so I felt like bringing it up again... anybody in here happen to have read The Name of the Rose? I've started reading it since I liked the film so much, and I must say, it is... taxing. Guess it's good for my education though ^^

19th Nov 2002, 07:39
I'm currently reading a book called 'Waking the Moon' by Elizabeth Hand. (Well, I'm reading the Dutch translated version called 'de maangodin') It's a really cool book, with a lot of unexplained and weird things happening. But I;m sure it'll all become clear when I get to the end.

19th Nov 2002, 16:10
I probably won't pick up another novel, until the next chapter of the Dark Tower series, gets released.

19th Nov 2002, 16:27

Finished the most recent edition in the Sword of Truth series: The Pillars of Creation. I'm not sure what Goodkind has in mind for the remainder of the series; he sure isn't making any sense with this last 'attempt'.

Picked up 4 books of the Shannara something series. I think they are by Brooks. I'll ease through them and see if they are worth a continuation.

Tom Clancy's latest, Red Rabbit, still lies unfinished. It will remain so. A terrible book. Terrible.

And still waiting on the latest release of Jordan's Wheel of Time series. They moved the release to January from 10 November. I guess the holiday sales season doesn't compute with them. heheh. Hope he finishes this series soon; too many books to reread evertime he releases a new novel. ;)

19th Nov 2002, 21:52
Rumor has it Jordan postponed the release of the book from November to January cos he was pissed at people spreading the e-book version of the prologue of it (which you can buy at Amazon for 3 bucks or something) over email and P2P programs. Which is of course a ludicrous assumption... still, I find it a pathetic idea to try to make profit of prereleasing a part of the new book to make more profit, and it supports my theory that Jordan is a greedy bastard ^^

20th Nov 2002, 08:40
On Goodkind:
Pillars of Creation was weird, but it's quite an interesting change. By contrast, the previous title (Faith of the Fallen) was one of the best books in the series.

On Brooks:
I like Brooks' writing style. Last Brooks' work I read was Morgawr (third in the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara series) which I liked... even though the ending, IMHO, was a bit weak.

On Jordan:
Currently reading the fourth book, The Shadow Rising. I was kinda disappointed by the style of the first three books, but my friend assured me that they get better later as Jordan learnt from his fans. Well, I ain't gonna buy any more of those. I'm currently reading around 9 chapters at a time at Barnes and Nobles. The concept is interesting, of course, but somehow I like Goodkind's approach better.

On Clancy:
Red Rabbit was one of those books I glanced through in the bookstore and put down without much interest.

On Eddings:
Have you read 'Regina's Song'? Not a fantasy, but a supernatural thriller instead. Quite a fun change from the usual genre.

Canyon Wolf
6th Dec 2002, 12:12
I was away at the FESS for such a long time, and suddenly wham! New posts. Makes yoy feel happy and guilty.

"The Name of the Rose" was...challenging. I have to help my sis read through that for her college class once, and while I like the book, helping her write a report on it was headache-inducing.

Disorderly Conduct
10th Dec 2002, 18:48
I'm reading Jeffery Eugenides "Middlesex." You may be familiar with his book that was quickly made into a movie called "The Virgin Suicides."

12th Dec 2002, 15:17
Oh! I thought that title referred to DC's gender identification...

Just goes to show you, but what it shows you I don't have a clue.

Went back and read 'Watership Down' and what a nostalgia kick that was! My mom read that to me way back.

Then I went at The Annotated Chronicles of the Dragonlance series...boy, big heavy book but a lovely read! :)

Disorderly Conduct
13th Dec 2002, 02:36
It just goes to show you that Dell can't handle the fact that i have her cowed and i actually have a brain. See, she's use to bullies picking on her looks and kicking her down in the mud and taking her money. Not bullies who can outsmart her stupid /-\ss. Not that it's all that hard. You're too full of yourself you MENSA wanna be. And that's the problem with 99% of you self-proclaimed "genius" types. You have no sense of social self. You'd be more at home in a college lecture than a college party. Your insults border on 4th grade level at best, and so does your sense of humor (and i call it humor loosely so as not to offend anyone).

And just to drag this down to your level in this thread, which was otherwise a decent topic, the fact that you thought that dealt with my "gender identification" (wow, someone's working the scrabble board!) just goes to show that you're not very good at thinking, because you're way off.

Now in typical Dell fashion, you'll realize you can't get the upper hand and you'll play that down as if you weren't trying to be insulting (classic). At any rate, game-set-match again. You really should find a mental sparring partner much more on your socially and humorously inept level.

13th Dec 2002, 04:07

Interesting introduction.

Welcome back :D

13th Dec 2002, 04:08
Goodness gracious, Auntie Gertrude! Where shall I begin? Apparently casting aspersions on DC's supposed gender bothers him enough to evoke an attempt at an intelligent response.

The perennial pretend intellectual without the inherent capacity to carry it off. And for your information, I dropped out of Mensa because of all the stupid people I encountered there. Hmmm.....many of them reminded me of you.

Do try to enter into the real world of adulthood, why don't you? And keep your hands out of your pockets...

Disorderly Conduct
13th Dec 2002, 04:38
This letter has three main sections. In the first, I argue that the public perception is that I have a score to settle with Ms. Dell. In the second, I make it clear that hideous louts thrive on hatred rather than intelligence. And in the third and final section, I conclude that Dell should shift for herself. The rest of this letter is focused exclusively on Dell, not because I harbor any ill-will towards her, but because the point at which you discover that those who get involved with her grotty vassals are seldom aware of her dealings with caustic slobs is not only a moment of disenchantment. It is a moment of resolve, a determination that while we do nothing, those who resort to ad hominem attacks on me are gloating and smirking. And they will keep on gloating and smirking until we increase awareness and understanding of our similarities and differences.

I am certain that if I asked the next person I meet if he would want Dell to lobotomize everyone caught thinking an independent thought, he would say no. Yet we all stand idly by while Dell claims that it is meddlesome to question her protests. I want nothing more -- or less -- than to acknowledge that she always gives noncommittal answers to questions. To that task I have consecrated my life, and I invite you to do likewise. Well, sure; Dell should pay a price for her neo-boisterous slurs, but that doesn't change reality. Come on, Dell; I know you're capable of thoughtful social behavior. It seems to me that she is both loquacious and combative. Now there's a dangerous combination if I've ever seen one.

In a similar vein, we must encourage ourselves to thwart these heinous efforts. As mentioned above, however, that is not enough. It is necessary to do more. It is necessary to tell it like it is. Needless to say, Dell wants me to stop trying to drive off and disperse her pernicious so-called thruths which place unbridled, ignominious brigands at the top of the social hierarchy. Instead, she'd rather I walk around with a mountain of pain and suffering welled up inside me like some social self-loather who's been verbally beaten down by a "great opressor."

Sorry, but I don't accept defeat that easily. Ms. Dell's conjectures defy common sense. There, my ranting is finished.

13th Dec 2002, 20:54
After wading through that manure with hip boots for protection, I arrive at one clear, concise, and logical conclusion.

The following statement by DC - - who does live up to the 'DC' sig although the 'AC' portion of his sig is implicit in his behavior - - clearly shows the condition of his ego and psyche. That he has serious mental problems should be clear to all who read it:

"Instead, she'd rather I walk around with a mountain of pain and suffering welled up inside me like some social self-loather who's been verbally beaten down by a "great opressor."

1. DC is not a mindreader, thus he would have no notion of my 'drathers' at all. Believe me, he doesn't have a clue.

2. I had no idea my end goal was to make him walk around with a mountain of pain and suffering welling up inside of him...

If he has this problem, and is attributing it to Dell, I would suggest he seek expert psychological assistance immediately. His innate inferiority and sense of being persecuted seems to be exacerbated by my presence.

I just wanted to let him know he doesn't intimidate me at all any more. I grew past him apparently, maturing a bit in the process. I say this because he seems to be stuck in some Final Fantasy time warp of his own creation.

Interesting that he inevitably categorizes anyone who gets along with me as an enemy of "the state". More of that paranoiac dreamworld I would conjecture.

I find it so odd that he always seems to be fighting uphill to reach my higher plane of existence. Poor boy...

*By the way, whatever happened to your loyal sycophant, TOSC? Miss him...he had you outclassed a mile as an opponent!


14th Dec 2002, 01:25
DC ----- > DC++

Heh this is getting intresting.

2-1 to Dell right now. Your first post was intresting DC, but the second rabled to much. Short and straght to the point man. SHORT AND STRAGHT TO THE POINT OLD BEAN. Think Moggraider, but with about four more words.


Edit: Oh yeah.. I'm reading The Colour Purple by Alice Walker right now. I dont particly like the book, but its for A-Level English. Uggh... uggh.

I'd buy more Terry Pratchett books, but the price of paper backs have gone up to £6.99. f that.

Disorderly Conduct
14th Dec 2002, 05:56
Dell, had you any coherent concept of the English language you would realize your attack on my psyche is discredited in that i stated i refused to be a victim to your attacks on my persona. Therefore, it can hardly be assumed (except by yourself) that i'm at all bothered by you or your vacantly assembled insults. And by insulting someone, as you attempted, what other goal would you have than to demoralize them? Pray tell oh great one. Otherwise, it is a verifiable fact that your insult was nothing other than what i stated.

Final Fantasy time warp? Let's review circumstances. You are the one who dredged up this old fued with your corse gender attack. I came in as an open slate, ready for a new beginning. Thus, as we can clearly see, it is you, my sad counterpart, who is stuck in a time warp of false lore.

Intimidate you? You're the one posturing, i'm who i've always been. And if your perception of me draws out the worst in you, that's obviously a problem of your own doing, not mine.

I categorize anyone with your frame of mind as off. Nothing more. And as you can clearly see, no one else has taken your point of view. Therefore, you stand alone.

Higher plane of existence? Just because you're "talking down" to someone, doesn't mean you're on a higher level than them. If anything, it means that you have slunk beneath them intellectually speaking. A truely intelligent person knows that facts, as i've presented here, speak truths, not the hearsay and conjecture that you've dreamt up on your own.

14th Dec 2002, 13:16
Thats 2-2 that is.

Frankly you both suck. So keep up the good work... or something.

14th Dec 2002, 16:38
Cane, how long can you remain relatively unprejudiced? As self-appointed referee, you are doing fine so far...but biased as you are against me? Well, we'll see.

*Looks at DC appraisingly. Walks around it, inspecting the general appearance of this creature that recently crawled out of the shadows. It seems very uncomfortable under her scrutiny, shuffling from large flat foot to large flat foot. *

Okay people, I think it is a male, although that remains open to question as the equipment that should be there is too small to actually see. Could be someone neutered it to make it more amenable to labor.

Walks away . . .

15th Dec 2002, 02:20
... oro.

Remaining unprejudiced is simple when you consider theres two sides to a coin. One side and the other side. I own the factory. Yes.

Disorderly Conduct
15th Dec 2002, 06:15
Okay people, I think it is a male, although that remains open to question as the equipment that should be there is too small to actually see. Could be someone neutered it to make it more amenable to labor.

My my, what a clever pen!s joke.

I would slander the size of your pen!s Dell, but you're obviously very well off in that department.

15th Dec 2002, 15:42
If that means I have the rare and admirable attribute of being able to withstand and repel the crude attacks of boorish hooligans such as yourself, right you are...for a change!

*Stands firmly in her high boots and stares up at his eyes. Amazingly as she does so, he begins to shrink...smaller and smaller, now eye to eye with her, then in a matter of moments. he kneels groveling at her feet.

Looking down at him, she disdainfully steps over the puddle he has made, and leaves the area*


Disorderly Conduct
16th Dec 2002, 04:48
Take your lithium you loopy broad. The voices in your head are making you write stories of make believe now.

16th Dec 2002, 15:09
What happened, DC? Getting a little too close to the facts of the matter? Sounds like you're the one who ran for the little bottle of pills...lithium is it? Bipolar are you? I just knew you were BI something or other!

12th Jan 2003, 13:18

Picked up Robert Jordan's 10th edition/addition to the Wheel of Time Series: Crossroads of Twilight. I've managed to put 250 pages, struggled really, toward the front of the book. The man likes to type or listen to himself; everything, so far, is recap of the first nine books. There might be a few new...no there isn't, just clarification for some things that happened in Winter's Heart; the ninth book. About 10 chapters worth of stuff you already know if you've followed the series. That's the problem with lengthy sequels. Brian Lumley suffered that problem with his Vamphyri series, too.

Other books-

I've finally given up on Tom Clancy's Red Rabbit. Really boring book. I know the ending without reading the first 1000 pages. The book must have been meant for new readers to his collections. Something to interest them in his other works.

Shannara Series-

I waded through the prequel to the Shannara series: The First King of Shannara. Seems Brooks was in a hurry to tell the story.

Now working on the first of the series: The Sword of Shannara. The prequel explains the origination of the Sword. I've put this one aside 'til I'm finished with Jordan. heh.

Sword of Truth-

I thought I had grabbed the 6th novel in the series but in fact had grabbed a side story to the Sword of Truth series instead. The Pillars of Creation has nothing to do with Kalyn and Richard's main story. They will appear, at the end, but the main story revolves around two of Darken Rahl's offspring. Interesting read, though.
I guess I'll have to run back to the bookstore for #6...;)

It's winter now, I need some reading material. Ya'll post.