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13th Sep 2002, 18:57
I'm not actually sure if this is the place im supposed to do this but hey...if its wrong somebody tell me. I don't get if people have this in any other country apart from England, but basically there's a TV programme called room 101. People go on and they put all the thing they hate in this box e.g. Bananas. The point in this thread is to basically write what you hate and what you would put in room 101. I would put:

poking (my brother does this all the time, espacially when I'm trying to do important stuff. Tres anneyeux)

COMPUTERS! (they completely annoy me. Especially when they crash)

Rain ( it rains a lot in England...just in case you didn't know)

Hair adverts (I wish my hair was like that)

(I'm new by the way please don't be mean ;) )

13th Sep 2002, 20:31
Gareth Gates

S Club Juniors

S Club

Anne Robinson


13th Sep 2002, 20:40
Punk, heavy metal, and rap music......... :rolleyes:

Freshmen :D

Sophomores who act like Freshmen!!!

President Bush and his crappy Environmental Plans...........

Golf, no comment

My Geometry teacher from last year (once you catch your room on fire, you shouldn't be allowed to teach anymore!)

Fake people (ie, people who act all perfect but aren't, and steal credit from people who deserve that credit)

Old people who drive too slow!!!!!!!!!!! Agh!

13th Sep 2002, 20:45
*pulls out list* I'll give you a couple of random ones in my list.

Alcohol (the drinking kind)
This annoying girl that KoolKat took care of for us. :D
My brother's co-worker
(while driving) People who yell at other people when they clearly cannot be heard
People who cannot be prompt to events
.... and a whole bunch more.

13th Sep 2002, 20:47


Pop music (except for no doubt)

Cow kidney (they make me eat that!)

Fattening foods (but they are so good)

and last but not least..

Tv (sundays on Tv..there is nothing to watch

13th Sep 2002, 21:04
the "oops i did it again" freak.....

13th Sep 2002, 21:47
I agree with LeeO - Gareth Gates is definitely top of my list!!!
Rap music
Mind-numbing action movies
Dog pooh (its my turn to clean it up from the back garden tomorrow - YACK!!!)

13th Sep 2002, 22:00
The other room 101......

An passage from chapter 22 of George Orwells '1984'

'You asked me once,' said O'Brien, 'what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.'

However back to the plot......... I mean topic....

I believe I would place Microwave ovens as they play havoc with CPU......
Also those annoying alarm clocks that continually beep and wake up everyone, save the person it has been set for.

13th Sep 2002, 23:39
I'll tell you what I would put in room 101 and I know everybody's gonna back me up on this one.


I'm sick 'n tired of it that we are trying to set a record in destroying this beautiful planet!! GGGGRRRRRRRR!!!! (sorry i got mad ...)

14th Sep 2002, 07:54
Turkish Delight

14th Sep 2002, 11:03
-my sister (=lazy, annoying, thinks friends are way more important than anyone else, already irritated when you say 1 word, want me to go on?)
-my homework
-people who think they're soooooo cool, pretty, popular etc while they're not:rolleyes:
-everything that Godfather said

14th Sep 2002, 13:39
Originally posted by Jade
everything that Godfather said

*sigh* thanks for sharing ...

14th Sep 2002, 16:08

And to clarify religion (before I get a whole bunch of people trashing me): I'm not talking about faith, or one's believes. I'm talking about a stuctured religion, with a hierachy, (some form of) indoctrination,.... So, I'm not against Christianity (sp?) for example, but I'm not so keen on the katholic church. That's what I see as the difference between a faith and a religion.

I'm not trying to offend people, nor am I trying to start a discussion. This is just my vision.

THE True Lara
15th Sep 2002, 08:12
Originally posted by LeeO

Anne Robinson


LOL :D I think everyone one in Wales would say that, right? ;)

15th Sep 2002, 15:54
lol anne robinson should be put in room 101 all she does is make fun of ppl and ask questions on things no 1 wants 2 no any how i would put in

garath gates (ewwww)
hear say
our new history teacher

15th Sep 2002, 20:26
any other video female character who thinks they are better than Lara Croft.
war - everyone should go and hug a tree
headaches cause I have one now.

15th Sep 2002, 21:56
Let's see...
Liver, octopus, rabbit and some more;
Pop generally, commercial funk and rap;
Hate, poverty, prejudice, selfishness, corruption, disease............
Big Brother, Temptation Island, etc.
Thinking of work as some kind of religion; the same in relation to doing nothing.

Btw, I enjoy smoking and drinking, so what? Anyway, I don't drink that much and I know I may have to quit smoking sometime - rats! cause it's nice.

Raider Sunrise
16th Sep 2002, 10:31
Hmmm... Let me think...

My new English teacher
Britney Spears
Ppl who think reading too much makes a person a loser :mad:
Ppl who think it's cool to make fun of others
Narrow-minded ppl (especially teachers)

16th Sep 2002, 12:00

16th Sep 2002, 13:31
Originally posted by Raider Sunrise
Hmmm... Let me think...

My new English teacher
Narrow-minded ppl (especially teachers)

Hey, Sunrise! What's wrong between you and teachers as a whole class? Just curious...;)

Raider Sunrise
16th Sep 2002, 15:43
Sorry, I had a really narrow-minded English teacher last year, someone whom you can't even discuss your ideas with... I really hated her. And today's the first day of school here, I go to the school and see that my English teacher has changed, I think 'Finally I have a new teacher, I hope he's nice' and see he's the guy version of my previous teacher...

And I'm not fond of school as a whole... :) A little depressed today :p

16th Sep 2002, 15:47
i don't really like some teachers, they seem to LIKE causing headaches and insomnia, not to mention STRESS! to innocent, hardworking:rolleyes: students!!!!!!!
-this is nothing personal against anyone who is a teacher, in fact, some of my teachers are pretty cool!:eek: -imagine that-

16th Sep 2002, 21:39
Originally posted by thanhkim
war - everyone should go and hug a tree

I tried to hug a flower, but accidently killed it. :D

I'm gonna go with the tree anyway.

No, seriously. I really liked that ... everyone should go and hug a tree. It's a strange and rare yet very humane and emotional way of saying that we are truly ****ing up this world!

17th Sep 2002, 03:38
men who cheat
any desert served to me thats not chocolate
5, huh...sorry i can't count:D

17th Sep 2002, 19:56
Originally posted by AmO
huh...sorry i can't count:D

You hate that too that you can't count? :D

21st Sep 2002, 22:50
origionally posted by Aquarius

Freshmen :D

don't knock on freshmen, alright man, we're only freshmen for one year! ok!
*haha, look at me getting all defensive*

i don't know yet lemmie think