View Full Version : Questions about the "Don't Leave Me Now!!" Stage

13th Sep 2002, 17:49
How do you guys get suceed at this stage? It's really hard to keep such a big crowd of people happy.

Can you guys tell me the walkthrough of this stage?

19th Sep 2002, 12:37
Two Words: Smiley beer.

Sell it cheap with max. strength so more people will drink and stay happy.

Also, do not forget to build extra powerplant. During the thunderstorm, everything goes awry and situation gets hard to control.

What's worse is that soon you will run out of smiley beer and stuck with smasher beer. As soon as that nasty s**t comes into my bars, I lower the beer strength to the minimum so I wouldn't have to hire more security or maintenance guys in order to keep peeps smashing everything in sight.

It seems as though beer is the prime element of success throughout the game...

24th Sep 2002, 10:38
I've tried that but still fail.
Any other suggestions for this one, please? It's driving me crazy.

27th Sep 2002, 12:51
Here's a few tips :

- Build what the customers wants...beach bar, beach disco, beach shower, amusement arcade etc.

- Hire your staffs to maximum

- Sell the fun pool and use the money to build more important attractions

- Sell one accomodation block to have more money to build attractions or hire more staff

- Divide the builders into 2 shifts on day 2, 4 morning and 4 night

Good luck!

Coconut Kid
5th Dec 2002, 13:51
I think there are some good tips here for level 9.

I never thought of selling/dismantling some of the existing buildings. It gives you some good space for attractions used more.


7th Dec 2002, 14:05
I can't believe so many people got stuck in this stage. I got pass this stage just about 5 times trying. Sell...sell...believe me, it works!