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13th Sep 2002, 17:41
Well, I finally made it here after a few months of not being able to acctivate my account. I would like to thank Nightwalker and Grey Mouser for fixing my account so that I will be able to post.
This is a wonderful forum and I have truly enjoyed rading your posts even thought I was unable to respond. I will enjoy hanging out here as well as TTLG forum and meeting all of you.
* GRAMMA smiles as she sets out a plate of homemade cookies and a pitcher of milk for her new friends* :D

13th Sep 2002, 17:43
Ahhhhhhhhh....excuse me.......I was so excited that I forgot to preview my post ....I really can spell better than this...:o

13th Sep 2002, 18:07
Hi, Gramma! Welcome to the forum. :) I'm so glad you finally go on, because you'll love the folk who hang out here and they'll love you. (Get her to tell you some of her grandkids' adventures with Thief. Maybe a game of ratball??:D )

13th Sep 2002, 18:11
Hello Gramma, nice to see you here :)

13th Sep 2002, 18:27
Welcome to our humble abode! :)

Ratball?! We love stories here... do tell!

And thanks for the cookies, nothing beats homemade! I'll pass on the milk unless you have some kahlua and vodka to go with it! :D

Wow, how many grandparents do we have on the board now? I think it's cool! :cool: What other game transcends generations like Thief!

Grey Mouser
13th Sep 2002, 18:59
Welcome to the Crippled Burrick, GRAMMA...glad to see you made it!

Since you have been 'hanging around' for a little while, I am sure you know that the bar serves only the finest in taffer-worthy libations, and that you should duck if you see the chandelier start swinging...;)

On the subject of folks not receiving the Activation emails, as far we can tell here they are getting sent out, but we are still looking in to the problem. Possibly they are getting filtered out for some people by anti-spam software or firewalls. Will keep the Forum informed if we discover the cause.


13th Sep 2002, 19:45
Howdy Gramma Now that you are here you can join the OCATS.

Old Codgers Arthritic Thief Society :D

Dues are a mere 15 loot per annum. ;) This pittance entitles you to ab-so-lute-ly Nothing in the way of benefits and incentives.

Don't forget to send your photo to Apache for inclusion in the Taffers album.

13th Sep 2002, 19:55
Soooooooooooo c00l another grandparent and a lady taffer at that... Northern's right Thief is the game that transends generatons... as well as gender:D and I must say that the youngsters (20 and under) are a compliment to the community as well... such a well rounded bunch we are!!!!!!!!!!:cool:

LOL@theBlackman "OCATS" indeed... I've always thought of us as the OTD clan and Gramma is welcome to join us.... "Join us noooooOOOoowwwww" LOL

PS Just noticed you're a cali girl too;)

Speedy aka grama

13th Sep 2002, 21:58
Originally posted by Speedy[143]

PS Just noticed you're a cali girl too;)

Did you have a typo there Speedy? :D :D :p

13th Sep 2002, 22:25
Originally posted by Grey Mouser
Welcome to the Crippled Burrick, GRAMMA...glad to see you made it!

Since you have been 'hanging around' for a little while, I am sure you know that the bar serves only the finest in taffer-worthy libations, and that you should duck if you see the chandelier start swinging...;)


Hey now, did someone mention a Chandelier Swingin? :D Now, now GM, don't give her false ideas! *takes away his bowl of milk* No need to duck! What fowl deed is this! :p
Chandeliers only fly around here.
Welcome to the forum Gramma. :)

13th Sep 2002, 22:25
Originally posted by theBlackman
Did you have a typo there Speedy? :D :D :p

Yeah Gramma...you can call on me anytime! :o :D

Oh...And "welcome" to this side of Dayport, I am sure you will enjoy your stay. If you don't mind though, I'll have a Caucasian with North'. I guess the cookies will taste just as good dunked in anything.

Do you make homemade lasagna too? :)

13th Sep 2002, 23:25
Originally posted by theBlackman

Did you have a typo there Speedy? :D :D :p

Nope, she had a senior moment. ;)

Hey, this sure beats oreos and beer! You can cook for us anytime, Gramma! :D

Duck? Are Rick's ducks loose again? :p


14th Sep 2002, 01:20
Hi Gramma,
Welcome to the Thief Forum. But I have to tell you that stepping out of the shadows and into the light can be a bit dangerous around here. So I advise a quick dash out of the shadows to aquire what ya want and then run like **** back in there! ;)

And if the Chandelier swings, throw a flashie at it real quick and clobber it! ;)

14th Sep 2002, 01:29
Hi Gramma. Man, how you've changed from the way I remember you from the time I was a little kid. :D
Seriously, welcome. Stay and post awhile... kick your feet up... not necessarily in that order. Contribute to LAG, if you are so inclined (and that goes for the rest of yoose others too). BTW, LittleK, like you, I also thought that it might make a good FM. Wish I knew Dromed. Post your picture, Gramma. You'll like these taffers... though I can't understand why :D

16th Sep 2002, 21:25
Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Nightwalker said you were a lively groups and this proves it.
Pleased that you all helped yourself to the cookies but I must apoligize to those of you who would have liked a little hard liquor rather than milk....Today's special will by Homemade GUMDROP Lasagna and the drink is 'A slow Screw Up Against The Wall'....a GRAMMA specialty.
Ratball....well..this is how the story goes.
I was playing Thorins new mission 'Karras' Diary' and I just knew that the ledge around Karras' statue must have some little goodies hidden up there.I grabbed some boxes and threw them up where the ladder was and then tried to get on the ledge but just couldn't make it. I grabbed more boxes to see if that would help...nope. Finally I took off my pantyhose and gave it a try but that was even more disasterous. About that time my youngest grandson, Kyle (4), came in and wanted to play Garret so I decided to let him try to figure out how to get up there while I caught up on the house laundry. 45 minutes later I called out and asked Kyle if he had gotten up there, the answer was total silence. Well you all know what silence means..hehehe...so I ran in and asked him again and he just answered quietly that he could't make it up there. I noticed that he was intently doing something in the mission and on closed inspection realized that he was killing the rats and then throwing their bodies up into the air....the higher the bodies went the smaller they would get then when they would come down they would get bigger and bigger and bigger and at the last moment Kyle would try hitting them with his sword.......see .....Ratball.
Hey Speedy, us cali grammas got stick together. Thanks for the advice people, I will send my picture in so it can be posted.
All rightie then, I will be reading all your posts and looking for answeres when I get stuck, which will be often :D