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13th Sep 2002, 15:43
I have one really big question!!!!!!! :

There are something wrong m8...

I played startopia with 56mb ram and Voodoo2 8mb v-ram. It was SLOOOOW! But there was NO other problems...
No I have 192mb ram and nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 with 32mb ram, it isnt slow at all (Maybe the menu... The menu also ... shakes ... it wont stand still!) It isnt slow... but

First time i tried it with Ge-Force the floor was gone, now, a couple of months later there is a floor there... but ... when i play for a while the computer restarts!!!! Why!!?!?!

Please god damn help me! I wanna play Startopia... :confused: :(

My comp isnt very good i know its:

Processor: 475mhz AMD 3D-NOW!
Ram: 192 SDRam
Video: nVidia GeForce 2 with 32 mb of video memory.
HD: 10.1 gb
OS: WinXP Professional
DirectX: 9.0 (I believe.)

Please help... I have almost the same prob with Gangsters 2...
G2 doesnt restart the comp but it ... shakes ... all the way man!


Mucky Foot
13th Sep 2002, 15:54
TomF's off ill ATM but I'd guess his reply would be the old faithful "Check for the latest nVidia drivers! Install the 101b StarTopia patch! Grab the new cardid.tom file! and try it again."

Arhhh hold on your running WinXP... I take all that back I think XP may be the problem... :(

zebra3... ...out

13th Sep 2002, 15:59
Hmm. I will do as you say i will download this 101b thing or whatever you call it. I will goto nvidia.com too, just in case :D

Thanx m8

I will be in touch.

13th Sep 2002, 16:44
I did as Mr.MuckyFoot said, I started the game and I played for a while... well... it didnt restart the computer, but... it turned of the game. So I guess we're near now! Does anyone know why is wont work...? I have V.1.0.

13th Sep 2002, 17:23
I had a similar problem after I upgraded to Windows XP. The game started crashing seemingly for no reason at all and nothing seemed to help.

I posted another thread about a solution that seems to work.

When you start the game, do you click on the start menu and launch the program from there or do you pop the CD in the drive and click on "Play Startopia" when the autorun menu comes up?

13th Sep 2002, 17:26
Err... no comment!

Mucky Foot
13th Sep 2002, 17:29
You do have the CD right???

zebra3... ...out

13th Sep 2002, 17:32

13th Sep 2002, 18:21

You can get a legal copy of "Startopia" for, like, five bucks now!

13th Sep 2002, 18:43
Maybe in the UK, US or any other ****ing place in the world. But i've checked out 2 norwegian stores now who sell computer games, non of them sell the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13th Sep 2002, 19:45
I smell a ban-stick!

13th Sep 2002, 19:59
Run, run away before a horde of people who actually bought Startopia run you off the forum.

14th Sep 2002, 13:49

14th Sep 2002, 14:48
You could have bought it on-line. Now do so before you are banned.

14th Sep 2002, 19:02