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2000 voltz
13th Sep 2002, 12:58
anyways i was installing commandos 2, when my stupid cousin plops out the cd rom... well the instalation failed and 4%of commandos 2 was on ma hardrive.. so i pressed uninstall and it says completed...but...in the registeries commandos 2 is still there... and now if i press setup for commandos 2 it says modify,repair or uninstall...well uninstall still doesnt work and i cant install commandos 2...please can someone tell me how to fix this...please i realy want to play the game of my life...

13th Sep 2002, 14:40
Try repair, if that doesn't help there should be someone here who can tell you which lines to delete from your registry.

13th Sep 2002, 15:44
Yes there are utilities that can fix up registeries. I have an old freeware on called Easy Cleaner. The old web page is invalid but I'll send it to you if you need it and nothing else works.

If you open the DOS window typer scanreg /fix and enter and that may fix things too. Try the repair option that 1 Shot said 1st though.

2000 voltz
13th Sep 2002, 22:00
i tried all of them. even modify and repair.modify installs the files that go into the game like the data.cab files(it doesnt install c2.exe and so on) while repair goes to a screen which says 'commandos 2 was succesful in maintenece' (or something close to that). Well can u send me a link to that program you were toking about. or give instructions on how to delete my commandos 2 line in my registeries.

please if someone can help it will be a great honour.

2000 voltz
13th Sep 2002, 22:24
i also heard theirs a way of installing commandos not off the cd like using the .cab files. if i tried this technique would it help?

14th Sep 2002, 00:06
Only one person probably knows the answer ;)
I'll try to summon him.

2000 voltz
14th Sep 2002, 00:07
thx man in advance

Grey Mouser
14th Sep 2002, 00:34
Mouser appears with a flash and a puff of smoke...

Try looking in the "InstallshieldInstallation Information" folder (in C:\Program Files) for a file/folder called {F7963BA0-EE1C-11D4-9FA5-00A0C9E6A342}...if you find this folder DELETE it entirely. It contains the info that is making your computer think the game is still installed. Don't delete any other folder in there...it will mess up the installation of other programs that use Installshield.

Then try reinstalling Commandos 2...it should now go ahead and install for you. I don't think you even need to remove the Registry entries.

2000 voltz
14th Sep 2002, 01:54
i cant find this install sheild folder u r talking about in c:/Program Files folder. but i found this program that shows weird numbers and letters like the 1 u wrote.

14th Sep 2002, 03:41
Originally posted by 2000 voltz
i cant find this install sheild folder u r talking about in c:/Program Files folder. but i found this program that shows weird numbers and letters like the 1 u wrote.

You found it where? In what folder?
If that's exactly the same numbers as Mouser specified then I think you can delete it and try run install again and see what happens.

15th Sep 2002, 23:28
C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{F7963BA0-EE1C-11D4-9FA5-00A0C9E6A342}

would be the first place I'd look :D

16th Sep 2002, 11:24
what the hell does all those numbers mean?:confused:

2000 voltz
16th Sep 2002, 11:35
i am confused tooooooooooooo:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Grey Mouser
16th Sep 2002, 22:33
2000 voltz, if you cannot see the "InstallShieldInformation Information' folder at C:\Program Files, you may need to tell Windows to allow you to see hidden files and folders.

Try going to Start>Search>Tools>Folder Options>View>make sure Windows is set to 'Show hidden files and folders'. Click Apply and OK...then go back and look in the folder (as ragsy notes) "C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\ for a folder called "{F7963BA0-EE1C-11D4-9FA5-00A0C9E6A342}". If you find it Delete it, but no others.

17th Sep 2002, 00:26
perhaps (maybe) a better way for you to understand this would be to open up Windows Explorer (not IE!). highlight C:\Program Files by clicking on it, select the Search feature in Explorer and search for this text: AppName=Commandos II: Men of Courage. it will return a Setup.ini file so now delete the folder that file is in. don't forget to search for TEXT. but why do i get the feeling that you won't follow this either? got any buds that know alot about computers? maybe have one of them read this and help you...

2000 voltz
17th Sep 2002, 10:05
im doin it write now as i do no about computes a bit, but to not that standard. its searching rite now... it seems it will take a wile as after about 3 mins its still on c:/program files/ahead nero, which starts wit A

thx for ur help and will reply if succesful

thx agen:)

17th Sep 2002, 10:08
you're welcome:)

17th Sep 2002, 12:04
Originally posted by Thorup
you're welcome:)

Copycat :p ;)

Iakovos :)

17th Sep 2002, 15:28
hmmm...he took my advice so i believe that thanks was directed at me so let it be me who says "you're welcome"...

you're welcome :D

17th Sep 2002, 17:25
Well, Thorup does everything to get a higher postcount. :p

19th Sep 2002, 09:19
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19th Sep 2002, 19:01
Maybe but i don't spam. :)

19th Sep 2002, 19:22
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20th Sep 2002, 00:12
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20th Sep 2002, 08:09
I acctually posted that just so that you could find something against what I said. seriously:)

and maybe not mine posts are necessary always, but yours aren't necessary always either

20th Sep 2002, 12:05
I'm not spamming, you already confessed you were. :)

20th Sep 2002, 14:18

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