View Full Version : a BO3/SR3 crossover theory

Lozza Mate
13th Sep 2002, 09:32
I'm sure most of you have heard the rumour that SR3 and BO3 will cross over a lot, sort of a way to 'go out with a bang' I suppose.

So I was wondering, how could this work from BO3's point of view? SR3 is easy enough to see it working since Kain and Raziel have really gotten into the time travel thing but what about BO3? how does it get into the right time?

One possibility is this:
What if BO3 is set a short period of time after Kain began his empire and raised his sons? What if Kain (pre-SR evo level) after starting his empire finds the chronoplast and sees the future (as we know he has) and decides to help his future self and Raziel?

This would also help explain the exact circumstances under which Kain found out about the future and Raziel's role, perhaps it was future Raziel or Kain who informed him of what he has to do ('kill' raziel, lure him into the past). and then when it's all done he returns to present time and waits for his time to act (when Raziel evolves his wings)

Another 'full circle' thing. (damn they said that a lot in SR2 :P)