View Full Version : Final Fantasy X Webpage Missing

24th Dec 2012, 15:58
This is a formal inquiry to whomever moderates these forums.

About mid-October 2012 the Square-Enix North America: Final Fantasy X Webpage became inaccessible. I have tried several work-arounds to access this page:

1. When entering "Final Fantasy X" into the "Search" bar function at the top of the Square Enix NA Homepage, the closest match given is "Final Fantasy X-2"

2. "Final Fantasy X" icon and link has been removed from the "Games" sub-menu on the left-hand sub-menu listing

3. Entering the url: na.square-enix.com/finalfantasyx (http://na.square-enix.com/finalfantasyx) into the address bar yields nothing more than a 404 Page Not found. Whereas
Entering the url: na.square-enix.com/finalfantasyx-2 (http://na.square-enix.com/finalfantasyx-2) takes you directly to the Square Enix NA webpage for Final Fantasy X-2.

I've tried looking for a method of contacting the website support staff about this matter without success. So I have turned to the forums. My question is simple:

Why has the Square-Enix North America: Final Fantasy X Webpage become inaccessible?