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13th Sep 2002, 07:04
What game are you anticipating/waiting insanely for/pre-ordered the second it was announced... the most?

13th Sep 2002, 07:08

Demo comming out today!! (eep. friday the 13th..)

13th Sep 2002, 07:22
Can't wait for Soul Reaver 3!! Too bad it doesn't come out until 2004. AARGH!!

http://www.liquid2k.com/kenshichan/test/raziel.png http://www.liquid2k.com/kenshichan/test/kain.png

:cool: :D

Edit: Yeah, I know I'm just a little bit predictable...;)

14th Sep 2002, 07:38
never heard of it. I bet 99.9% of nothing that its a console game :)

14th Sep 2002, 08:20
I dunno. I played the first Soul Reaver on PC. I'm in the process of looking for the other games in the series for PC, even if I've already played through them all on Playstation. Yeah, I'm weird...

I'll bet they put Soul Reaver 3 out on Playstation 3. Then I'll have to buy a whole new console just to play it!:mad: I'm crazy enough to do it, though, coz I'm just that addicted.http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/traurig/traurig049.gif


14th Sep 2002, 16:57
i know the feeling. I want to buy the new gamecube (which is now old...) just for super mario sunshine.. (and eventual zelda).

But I'm not ready to spend over 700$ for 2 games...

OT: Have you ever noticed how stuff is new for like 2 years? McDonald's Big Extra is still considered new here even though its 2 1/2 years old...

You don't call a 2 1/2 year old baby a new born now do you? (I never saw anyone call a 2yr a new born..)

15th Sep 2002, 03:10
Originally posted by mrdefender

You don't call a 2 1/2 year old baby a new born now do you? (I never saw anyone call a 2yr a new born..)

Well, I don't, but some...er...unusual...people might.:D

I wouldn't mind getting a GameCube, myself. But the only game I can think of at the moment that I would like to play on it is Eternal Darkness. I'm sure there are quite a few other good games for it, though.

And how many times will McDonald's keep referring to the McRib as *NEW* anyway?;) :D

15th Sep 2002, 04:17
mcrib? we dont have that anymore in canada.. well.. not ottawa anyways.

I miss the Arch Delux (burger) The Crispy Chicken Arch Delux is still here but its just plain ol' Crispy Chicken.

We have the salads and lighter choice's menu, the poutine but not the wrap/fajita (lunch/dinner meal. not the breakfast burrito)

15th Sep 2002, 07:22
Well, they like to bring the McRib back about every year or so and they call it *NEW*.;)

I like the Crispy Chicken, myself. And their pizza isn't bad, if you can find a McDonald's that actually has it. I used to like their chef salads, but I haven't had one in so long that I'm sure they are nothing like I remember.

Jeez, I'm hungry...:o :D

16th Sep 2002, 05:36
omg! pizza was taken away from here so long ago!

I remember when it came out, they had an all u can eat for like 5 bucks!

I ate 24 pieces (they were the 1/2 the size of a piece of a personal pan pizza). I was sitting in the lower level cause the higher level was crammed.

I miss the pizza! :(

16th Sep 2002, 05:54
Oh, man, so do I! I only know of one McDonald's that still has pizza, and I'd have to go about 40 miles or so to get it. It's almost worth it, though.:D

And I noticed the thread subject changed in you're first post.LOL:D It could be "What will you be eating while playing your most anticipated release?" ;) http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

16th Sep 2002, 06:12
it does seem we're the only one talking here....

It could be worse.. One of us could be posting to himself... :)

PS: DEAR GOD! Is it just me or is the forum slow!

Took me a minute to load the page. Either my internet connection is going down, my computer is going quits or the board is really screwed...

17th Sep 2002, 08:45
I think they've had guys on the forums that have done that before--carried on an entire conversation by themselves. Glad I'm not that goofy...yet... Give me a little time and I might get there, though.;)

And, yeah, the forums seem to be moving a bit slow for me, too. Wonder why...

17th Sep 2002, 19:16
we're having so much fun ppl think we're not normal cause board is full of balls of hay...


17th Sep 2002, 21:43
LOL..you guys, I may not be joining in with your conversation, but you are giving me enjoyment reading your posts.:D

At least you are keeping me entertained! :)

My connection has also been very slow for the past week..for some reason .

19th Sep 2002, 05:14
I wasn't sure if it was the forums that were slow or just my screwy computer. And I am using Netscape, after all...:rolleyes: :D

19th Sep 2002, 14:44

I hate the fact that u need to register with a free service to need to use it just cause the AIM is "intergrated"

Messenger I can live with in XP. Yes, its a good idea to loginto it since alot of MS sites have the PassPort thing and messenger allows xp to save it into your account (cookie wise but for whole net)

22nd Sep 2002, 03:02
Well my Explorer is all screwed up, so Netscape was the most immediate alternative. But, yeah, it really sucks...:D

22nd Sep 2002, 03:55
what windows do u have?

22nd Sep 2002, 07:55
I've got ME, but I was getting the same error message every time I'd try to get on the net. Something to the effect of:

Explorer has caused an error in 'EXPLORER.EXE'. Explorer will now close. Blah, blah, blah, you're screwed. Keep trying you moron it ain't gonna work. Gad, you suck...

So I ended up switching to Netscape and, at least I can get on the net, but now I get lots of fun little javascript error messages where the page won't load instead. I've been having a terrible time trying to get on the forums for the last couple of days. I guess I've traded one pain for another. It is working a bit better since I downloaded Netscape 7 tonight. I was running version 4.7...ugh...

22nd Sep 2002, 23:23
isnt there a "disable script error reporting" option somewhere in netscape?

22nd Sep 2002, 23:59
Well, if there was anything to disable that on the 4.7 version, I never found it for all my searching. I just gave up and got version 7, which seems to be working much better. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try to get my Explorer back. But it is nice, for the time being, to have something functional to get on the net with...

23rd Sep 2002, 04:38
if the shoe fits :)

(im getting frustrated at this 60 second time limit for new posts.. thats why im typing here so I can click submit then it would work..)

23rd Sep 2002, 05:32
Originally posted by mrdefender
if the shoe fits :)

It doesn't quite fit, but it beats having no shoe at all.;) :D

(im getting frustrated at this 60 second time limit for new posts.. thats why im typing here so I can click submit then it would work..)

(That's what this is for, too...:p)

24th Sep 2002, 05:11
i feel ur pain :(


24th Sep 2002, 05:40
Which pain? Dealing with Netscape or waiting for the flood control thingy to let me post again?:D

24th Sep 2002, 06:01
flood. dont use netscape anymore.

I dont use aim and i dont use netscape's services (email and such). So I dont want an account for a product i'll never use..

24th Sep 2002, 06:07
Well, I intend to go back to Explorer once I've wiped out my stupid computer and reinstalled everything. Till then, I'm stuck with Netscape and its virtual wealth of infuriating snags.:D

24th Sep 2002, 16:01
I'm doing that today.

Windows Media Player 9 (beta) is pact with bugs. I can play mp3s fine until the song ends and goes to another one in my playlist. I cant even play movie trailers since it crashes WMP9 as soon as the movie starts.

The only way to uninstall it is to use system restore and..... wait a min! I didnt want to do system restore 'cause i didnt want to loose anything with the beta but beta is over!! So I can do system restore!!!!!

Gotta jet!

25th Sep 2002, 06:29
My particular problem wouldn't be quite as big a problem if it only pertained to my internet use. But the error message for Explorer.exe won't let me view half the other functions on my computer and keeps shutting it down instead. It sucks. Gotta wipe it all out once I get my stupid, goofy Quick Start CD. The Recovery CD that came with my computer won't even work without it. It is a mess.:o

Computers are a general pain in the butt, methinks.:D

25th Sep 2002, 18:15
yes, explorer.exe isnt the internet explorer, its the windows explorer/desktop so if thats corrupted... ur in for a bumpy ride.

26th Sep 2002, 04:55
True. But my particular problem, along with goofing half the functions of my computer up in general, wouldn't let me get on the Net either...so it was kinda sorta an Internet problem--esp since I'm paying for something I couldn't access.:D

It's really gonna suck trying to track down all 556 fonts I've collected...http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/verkleidung/verkleidung015.gif

26th Sep 2002, 21:40
so it was kinda sorta an Internet problem--esp since

I think you mean ISP.. ESP is predicting stuff.

27th Sep 2002, 05:10
I meant the "esp" as in especially. I was typing quick and I goofed and didn't spell out the whole word...:o

27th Sep 2002, 18:22
you goofed bad cause u forgot most of the word... :D

PS: Unreal Tournament 2003 is out in canada on the 3rd of Oct.

28th Sep 2002, 06:45
I got kind of used to the way I type when I'm sending emails, where things like "especially" are shortened to "esp" or "please" is shortened to "plz." I try not to do that on forums or most other places. In fact, I'm trying to get out of the habit of using those things at all, since I hate abbreviations most of the time. Sometimes I goof up anyway.:D

I have no idea what got me started doing that. :o


28th Sep 2002, 18:12
it internet lingo.

I know lots of stuff. U wouldnt imagine the stuff thats out there..

Never heard of especially being esp however...

hear of stuff like nm, icq, icu, o ok, etc..

Just aslong as u dont do ur homework like this :) (or fill out paperwork..)

29th Sep 2002, 05:35
Or there's always OMG, WTF, IMHO, or the mind-boggling ROTFLMAO. I'm only guilty of using the first one a few times...:D

Heck, half of the computer-related abbreviations confuse me: ISP, FTP, HTML...the list is endless. Not that I don't know what they mean. Just that it's a pain to try to keep it in mind when I see their abbreviations. God save simple-minded goofs like me.:D

Oh, and LOL.http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

29th Sep 2002, 15:38
what would you rather like to visit?

http://www.a.com or....

hypertexttransferprotocol://www.a.com or... for the big kazeus...


not to mention the files would be download from


So u can imagine why they've shorten the computer terms.

Aslo; IMHO/IMO, U, UR, I C U, etc... aren't computer related..

Well.. They're as much related to FTP, HTTP, HTML as anything is to a computer..

IMHO... are just words people use to shorten conversations on the internet, but HTML.... are computer Acronyms that resembles protocols and its own language (the computer and internet's language)

So IMHO is In My Humble Opinion.. Which has nothing to do with computers..

while FTP is File Transfer Protocol which is the protocol for file transfers over the internet...


OH NO! I've become the thing I hate the most!!! MY COMPUTER LAB TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


29th Sep 2002, 19:39
Well, I know there's a difference between certain abbreviation and others, and why they are used. I just hate trying to guess what people, or computers, or anything else is referring to when they are using abbreviations. I wouldn't mind if it was all written out the long way. It might be a bit more cluttered, but less of a pain in the butt to understand.:D

30th Sep 2002, 00:35
most of em pop out at you in a min or 2 by reading the line u can

30th Sep 2002, 01:23
Not much of anything pops out at me. I usually have to ask...then I feel stupid...:o


30th Sep 2002, 05:19
Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P., shouldn't we keep the P.C. on the Q.T.? 'Cause of the leaks to the V.C. he could end up M.I.A., and then we'd all be put out in K.P.


30th Sep 2002, 05:23
Yep, that about sums it up! http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/lachen/lachen002.gif

30th Sep 2002, 15:40
yes. we should.