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Reaver of Souls
13th Sep 2002, 00:50
Who is the *real* focus of the Lok world? (Kain for Blood Omen and Raz for Soul Reaver don't count, unless that's all that there possibly can be said) Who does the world revolve around, who is the story *really* about?

13th Sep 2002, 01:13
Only having one person as a focus would detract from the story, with only one character you only get that character's perceptions of the events around him/her, also no person can be everywhere at once and by using a person we miss out on other events going on in Nosgoth, and Nosgoth as we have seen is a very very very complex place (time-streaming, paradoxes, hidden agendas). The story as we know it so far is getting history back on track to what it should be.... as to what it should be or who determines what it should be (if there is a person) is unknown. Without time-streaming factors history just is, no person controls it, even the time-streamer doesn't not have unlimited or immutable control.