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12th Sep 2002, 23:33
What is the purpose of corridor items, like the lava lamps? Does it help some of your visitors see better or what? Is it worth spending energy on lots of corridor items? I've played a couple of levels with no lights, and don't see any difference. Is it necessary to include lights, and projectors and such novelties in rooms?

12th Sep 2002, 23:36
It makes people feel better.

Criminals don't like to walk in the light.

They make your station look nice.

13th Sep 2002, 07:16
So how far away does the lights work? Or do they work only creatures are walking near them?

13th Sep 2002, 19:34
If you have dynamic lighting turned on then you can visibly see the range of the light. All those walking within that COF will gain their Happiness bonus.

13th Sep 2002, 20:00
What is a COF?

30th Sep 2002, 15:39
Lamps and Image projectors don't do much. Use them to fill empty spaces.

9th Oct 2002, 23:19
Each mood a peep has ranges from 0% to 100%. Walking near an Ultra-Lamp. Corridor Lamp, Image Projector, or Chronometer will add 0.01% to the happiness and soul of an alien (0.02% to the happiness of Salt-Hogs and Targs). Each item has a different range of effect.

Also, the more furniture you have in your station, the more attractive your station will be in relation to other administrators.

And besides, as Ghyron said, they look pretty.

12th Oct 2002, 22:55
A COF is a Circle of Influence

28th Oct 2002, 15:24
then wouldn't a COF be a COI?

29th Oct 2002, 02:01
Circle Of Flatulence
Circle Of Influence

They both have the same meaning.

1st Nov 2002, 22:44
I have such a strong emphasis on the aesthetic pleasure of my stations that I tend to overuse the corridor items, i.e. corridor lamps around the Palace Galactica, with a Palace fountain directly outside and benches all around.

I also have "slums", "upstate" and "middle class" neighbourhoods in the pleasure deck. In short, I tend to have a bit too much free time between warfare and traders.

2nd Nov 2002, 00:41
Originally posted by Sephiroth110
then wouldn't a COF be a COI?

No it wouldn't :D