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[OF] Seferg
12th Sep 2002, 22:20
i have been enjoying the FM make tracks (tricksters mine, etc). i spent too much time early just covering ground for my own good. i have made the key, gotten into the apex, applied the devices there, and found the star in the upstairs of the chapel. Where is the other star?

12th Sep 2002, 22:42
Find the Platform on your map and head to it. Look around behind it for a tunnel.

[OF] Seferg
13th Sep 2002, 02:54
ive been back there. all the way up the tower, in all the tunnels (as far as i know), found the other tunnel to the 'face' front tunnel, put 2 artifacts on the pedastals (not sure what the third item is or where to find it) but no go on the 2nd star.

another hint?
and a hint as to what goes on the third pedastal? ( the gold skull, the rubble head and....?)

13th Sep 2002, 03:31
You need to find "Bizute's Lucky Head" to put on the other pedestal. It's in a chest in the Barracks. :)