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12th Sep 2002, 20:51
how do u do to pass the demo mission?

do you use the flower guy, or the groceries guy?
cuz when i use the flower guy, i get in but i cant get very far. when i use the groceries guy, i cannot pass the 2 guards at the little door near his car, even if my weapons are IN the groceries (hehe nice idea :))

so how can u get in without being called "Psychopath"?

13th Sep 2002, 11:09
Have a look at my video walkthrough.
Many other ways to do it but this is one of them. (get silent assassin ranking)

Hitman2 demo level video walkthrough (http://www.mindbuster.spydar.com)

13th Sep 2002, 21:09
i had alrdy tryed, and it didnt work. oh now its working thanks

the problem: couldnt download

14th Sep 2002, 10:14
The cleanest way I've found is to go through the door where the guard comes out to relieve himself, shoot the guard and take his clothes. With guard disguise you can go anywhere provided you pass other guars quickly or from a distance. Wait on the roof until the don comes into the office. Check out the basement quickly and go out the way you came in. Only drawback with this is that it doesn't give you the silent assassin rating.

14th Sep 2002, 22:01
Check here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=4547) for a demonstration of how to get a perfect Silent Assassin score.