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12th Sep 2002, 20:41
The Insurrection -- the long-awaited follow-up mission to Hallucinations -- will be released on October 1st (barring anything unforeseen).

I am writing this as both an announcement and a pre-release warning -- this will most likely be the largest .mis mission database released so far (30.1Mb for the mission file before being zipped). The zip itself will only be 26Mb including all other custom files.

Besides containing a completely built-out Roman/Gothic cathedral, there are dozens of AI whose constant interactions make unprecedented computational demands. Fortunately, there are fewer AI as the mission progresses, and fairly soon, things do smooth out.

The mission also looks best if "fog" and "weather" are enabled and will sound best if you are running an EAX-compatible sound card. This is a huge stone building -- and EAX effects are truly terrific.

The mission is being released as a stand-alone -- not as part of Hallucinations. Before the end of the year I will combine the two into a single FM campaign file.

No screen shots, yet. But if you have played Hallucinations, you already know what the place looks like!


12th Sep 2002, 21:39
Awesome, frobber!! I can't wait!! :cool:

12th Sep 2002, 22:17
WOOOHOOOO! I really loved your mission frobber (KOTP). Time to replay it a few times to freshen my memory on what's happened.

14th Sep 2002, 00:14
I was working on making things look better when playing without fog -- here are some screen shots as a result (fogging is still better, though)...

The Insurrection without fog (http://edanet.com/thief2/promo/kotp_promo3.html)

14th Sep 2002, 13:23
Sounds great Frobber - but please can you elaborate on what you mean by 'unprecedented computational demands' of the FM: what specifications will be necessary to play the mission?

14th Sep 2002, 15:04
I play it okay on my 600 MHz machine with a TNT2 card, but it starts out a little choppy, and the screen frame rate rarely gets better than 12-15 frames per second. So it should be playable on just about any reasonable PC.

It is not just screen complexity (fancy terrain) that slows things down. There is a whole lot of AI activity going on which I'm hearing makes a noticeable difference even on a 1.6 GHz machine with a GeForce 2 -- at least for the first few minutes before the "initial events" settle down.

So I'm just saying that if you are accustomed to running FMs with absolutely no jitter -- this mission may have a little slower frame rate than you might expect.

But there is nothing here that makes it unplayable on a "normal" PC -- I just want to make it clear that it may not always be the smoothest screens you have ever seen.

I'm recommending 600 MHz and TNT graphics as a minimum, and suggesting 1.0 GHz or faster with a TNT2 (better -- a GeForce 2+) graphics. Directx 8.1 seems to help a bit, too. And more than the minimum 128MB of RAM is a good idea. Nothing unreasonable, though.

14th Sep 2002, 18:22
Thanks - sounds like like a good time for me to upgrade.

15th Sep 2002, 00:28
Considering I haven't played Hallucinations yet, thsi means I have even more to look forward to in my FM playing ! Thanks, frobber ! :)

15th Sep 2002, 03:42
Does anyone know how to find out what type of stuff I have so I can see if I have "okay" requirements/whatever. I know it will work and everything, I just preffer it to be less choppy than it sounds it might be. And I know there's a post for increasing the system resources (mine is sadly at 72% right now) like certain programs, but what do they exactly do? Will they ever have a CHANCE of deleting something I MIGHT need?

20th Sep 2002, 01:30
oops, I missed this one. Looking forward to it Frobber! :)

20th Sep 2002, 01:50
Holy Hammer! It looks even better than I remember it! Crazy!!

24th Sep 2002, 19:21
I posted a question about when to look for Insurrection :o :D However, SlyFoxx was good enough to spot it and gave me the tentative answer of very soon :) Now I see your post about it and note that it should be showing up about Oct 1st...that's very good news indeed! From your screenies frobber that Cathedral will be simply astounding to see and roam around in. I just hope I do better at playing it than I did the first one! :) Ta and Good Hunting!