View Full Version : raziel's destiny

12th Sep 2002, 17:38
At the end of soul reaver 2, raziel says: "And I realized that I could never escape my terrible destiny. I had merely postponed it. History abhors a paradox."
Raziel must be trapped in the physical blade in the past so that when Kain strikes him down later, the physical blade will still be shattered.
So my question is: if Raziel was meant to be consumed by the blade (or compelled to that moment by the flow of time) then what could his true destiny be and can he fulfill it?
From what I can gather, he was not meant to fulfill his destiny (other than being sucked into the blade) because as we see, time has been changed, if Kain had not seized upon the chance, at the moment of the paradox, time would have continued "as it always has", leaving raziel as a wraith, trapped in the reaver.
Now that raziel has delayed the inevitable, he has a small chance at becoming the savior/messiah. any thoughts?

14th Sep 2002, 02:17
I think that part of Raz was absorbed into the reaver blade. It had to be so or else why does he still have a wraith blade? Anyway, I think he will be able to save Nosgoth as everyone keeps telling him - no doubt they have different ideas in mind as how to do so. I also wonder what affect does Raz's not killing Kain have on Nosgoth; I mean, without Kain's soul in the reaver... does it really make a difference/ does it matter that his soul isn't in there? *sorry if I'm straying your thread too far, I was just wondering*