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Lozza Mate
12th Sep 2002, 10:31
I was wondering if the LOK comlilation pack would ever reach australian shores?

12th Sep 2002, 19:10
Hey Lozza Mate,
This compilation has noly been announced and released here in the US. There are no plans to release it anywhere else that I am aware of. In Australia do you have NTSC or PAL? if you have NTSC you could always order a US copy form EB I believe.
Crystal Dynamics

Lozza Mate
13th Sep 2002, 09:17
Australia = PAL :(

13th Sep 2002, 16:01
If you have a moderately fast PC, though, you could play them under emulation on ePSXe or something.

Lozza Mate
15th Sep 2002, 09:22
I can already do that, I'm well versed in Emulation.

Either way I would prefer to play on the console and I would enjoy getting a brand spanking new BO1 :D