View Full Version : Were is my swoard in "Ecscape:The Bear Pits?"

Keeper Collins
11th Sep 2002, 23:52
I really would rather not proceed any mor through the level with just my blackjack. I'll need my soward to if I whant to kill anyone or anything.;) I have only explored about half the level and don't know were everything is so can you just tell me were the soward is so I can snatch it when I get to that part? And another thing why can't Garret just grab the soward of one of the unconsis gaurds? Well'maybe we'll be able to do that in Thief 3.:D

12th Sep 2002, 02:46
You have to find a light gold key first, which is way up on the jail cell level. Then you can go down to the square with the fountain and use the key to unlock the city gate. I think you're pretty much done the level by the time you get the sword. I couldn't get it to end, by the way. The sword objective wouldn't tick off.