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11th Sep 2002, 23:27
Well, I’ve been absent for a wee while, so instead of responding to the individual threads I thought I’d bring you all in here and wish you all very, very belated Happy Birthday wishes! Of course guilt for being so late also requires presents, so...

Whatz His Name - I was going to get you a dancing girl, but I heard you already had a swinging good time.

Apocrypha Roxy - a fake id. Oh, you already have one, sorry! :p

Yubetcha’s Jennifer - Garrett’s healing potion and continued well wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery. :)

Howie - the movie Adventures In Babysitting, starring Elizabeth Shue, on DVD of course.

Thorin - platform shoes and a keg of Bishop’s Finger.

Zaccheus - a flame retardant suit, looks like fire on the horizon.

theBlackman - a set of gold teeth; however, you’ll never be able to smile around us taffers again. ;)

Nightwalker - a frame for all those limericks & poems.... damn, they’re good!

Clayman - a bigger SUV (tongue firmly in cheek) ;)


12th Sep 2002, 00:27
Thank you, Northern! Those limericks are certainly worthy of framing. :)

A friend from TTLG decided to try making one up too, but I guess she was too shy to post it here, so she put it up over there, but I think it deserves to be seen here with the rest. She did a great job!

From Gramma:

There once was a girl from Thief
Who never left unturned a leaf.
She could lock pick the trunk
Whack a guard while he's drunk
Then stroll merrily off down the street.

Nightwalker is not what you think
She doesn't wear spandex and mink.
For her favors...'No Charge"
Cause her heart is so large
And she never gets thrown in the clink.

She raves of the Fm's decorum
So stealthily does she explore 'em.
Has been scared by a mouse
And run out of the house
But always returns to the forum.