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11th Sep 2002, 21:26
I have the explosives to blow up the bridge when the train rumbles. Do I put the explosies near the barrels and who send the telegraph message?

11th Sep 2002, 22:05
Look at the barrels (w) and place the explosives in them, you can make the radio call with any of the commandos i think.

12th Sep 2002, 07:39
no look in the barrels:D ;) :p

16th Sep 2002, 03:51
Technically you're looking at the barrels because your character just walks up next to them and automatically sees what's inside... magic eh?

16th Sep 2002, 03:55
Technically, you are looking at a monitor.

16th Sep 2002, 11:01
Nah the commandos don't look on a monitor, they are in it and look in a barrel

16th Sep 2002, 18:21
Ok, you go find yourself a fuel barrel and try looking in it, the rest of us will just look at it.

17th Sep 2002, 07:39
you might want to look in it if you are going to place something in it

17th Sep 2002, 17:28
Trust me, find a fuel barrel from ww2 and then you try to get explosives inside it, you can't.

18th Sep 2002, 02:47
I keep forgetting to look at the barrels when playing, what does the transfer box say when you do look at it

does it say "Furniture" or "Barrels" or is it blank?

18th Sep 2002, 18:31
I remember that it says "fuel box" but I am not sure.

Iakovos :)

19th Sep 2002, 21:57
There aren't exactly a lot of places to put it, in fact, there are two.

I stand firmly at my position that you are looking at a MONITOR