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Beagle Boy
11th Sep 2002, 20:06
How do you post a poll ? I wanted to post this as a poll but i do not know how.

1. How do like cutsences in Thief 3 ? Large cutsences only, like the cutsence after return to the cathedral.

a. AVI Movies. Like the first two thief games.

b. Build engine cutsences. No AVI movies.

c. No cutsences like Half-Life.

2. Thief and Thief 2 had only one large level for every missions ( besides Trace the courier and Trail of blood ). How do you want the thief 3 missions to be ?

a. One large level per mission.

b. Many levels per mission in hub layout like Deus Ex.

c. Many levels per mission but not in hub layout. Like No one lives forever.

3. Should there be an option to fade away dead bodies ?

a. No

b. Yes

4. Should there be a "No blood" option ?

a. No

b. Yes

My Answer is

1. AVI Files
2. One large level per mission
3. No
4. No