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Bahama mama
11th Sep 2002, 17:12
Alright everyone out of the pool!

Spring break is out in stores now everywhere. You can also order it from the e-store at http://www.eidosinteractive.com/estore/index.html


Go out and get your copy today!

Run don't walk or should that be swim? :)

Coconut Kid
9th Feb 2003, 21:52
Are there any expansions, add-ons, or an editor coming? Any time soon?

13th Feb 2003, 20:22
I am also interested in the answers to coconut kids questions and actually missed this post because i also asked the same thing in another string i posted...lol sorry:rolleyes:

Bahama mama
14th Feb 2003, 01:28
Hi there,

Unfortunately there are no plans for any add-ons or editors for Virtual Resort: Spring Break.


Coconut Kid
14th Feb 2003, 14:21
Originally posted by Bahama mama
Unfortunately there are no plans for any add-ons or editors for Virtual Resort: Spring Break.

Too bad! :mad:

A nice game down the tubes. Run through the simple-minded scenarios once and you are done.

Personally, I won't be rushing to buy any more EIDOS releases. I'll just wait until they hit the bargan-buggy - about four months after they are released.

I guess we were lucky to get the patch, eh?

25th Jul 2003, 14:33
no 6 girls girls girls - how the hell can i get 50 couples to have sex! i cant lol i get about 24 i am even offering free beer help me i have no idea how to complete this level and i have tried it about a 10 time please help me

Beach Nut
26th Jul 2003, 19:08
Try this
Look at each rating from the construct menu, and find an even level that appeals to both sexes. If you are trying to get the level to have more female, then there are going to be way to many women on your beach. Get your Disco in there Resturants Rep Chalet and pull the meter higher so they spend more time which each guest, that makes the guests happy. Get water rides that don't cost an arm and a leg but that couples can go on don't destruct the amuesment arcade tear down the fun pool and put your resurant there. Don't forget the hot tub!!. I tried this level about a dozen times as well and this helped. OH one more thing increase the number of soft drink stalls you have and the beer oh yes the beer. Set the beer for Cape Horn and pull the meter up just slightly higher then the middle but not so much that they get drunk do that with all your alcohol vendors.

Hope this helps
Good Luck

Sir Rodney Effing
2nd Dec 2003, 07:37
Originally posted by Bahama mama
Alright everyone out of the pool! Considering no ones replied here since July 2003, i guess theyre all still in the pool :D