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11th Sep 2002, 07:37
I read on a thread over here about how there was a small article about Thievery and Thief in the latest issue of PC Gamer, so I went out and bought it. I read the article, and lo and behold, it mentioned that the designers of Thief 3 were playing Thievery! Unfortunately it did say that they were concentrating on a single player experience for Thief 3, but it's cool to think that we may have played games with the guys who are making the game, and they liked it!


11th Sep 2002, 12:16
That's quite amazing really.

The fans make something that the producers play!

11th Sep 2002, 13:41
its not all that surprising, really. That's been going on since doom wads were popular. It becomes moreso now that you have groups of people that effectively trained on making levels for one of the games (in addition to the diploma, of course) being part of teams or making up the whole of teams (example: the team that made half life). They pretty much know exactly how well fans can make things.

11th Sep 2002, 16:54

12th Sep 2002, 06:50
Actually, theBlackman, that thread is how I found out the article existed. But no one had mentioned what was in the article, so I decided to point it out to everyone.


12th Sep 2002, 09:05
They're doing what, now?

Hey! ION STORM! Quit playing games and get back to work!!!

Sheesh... lazy programmers. No wonder Thief 3 is taking so long. ;)

(I'm kidding, of course)