View Full Version : Questions about two FM's."Lorgan's Web"and "Swamped"

Keeper Collins
10th Sep 2002, 01:31
First, let's start with Lorgans Web. Now I have heard rumours about a troll beign in this FM but whent threw the whole thing and saw no troll. Is there a troll? Second,is Swamped. Now,these gemstones that I have been hearing about I need them all! I found the ruby but could'nt pick it up! How frusturating! And were are the rest of them and if I do find them am I going to not be able to pick them up too?

10th Sep 2002, 02:34
Keeper Collins, the ruby you found wasn't the real one. It's just a decoy. (Climb up above it, though. There's no gem up there, but there's a boulder you're going to need.) There is a gem stone very close to there, though, but it's not the ruby. You really need to do lots of exploring in this mission and keep your eyes open. When you find the correct gemstones, you'll be able to pick them up.

As for Lorgan's Web, I've never heard anything about a "troll" being in it. Where did you hear that??

10th Sep 2002, 04:30
Yes, sorry about the pain and confusion my friend but that is just a light, it's not a ruby. You will be able to pick up all the real ones just fine, as Nightwalker says.

I have played all the way through Lorgan's Web and there is no troll. If there is one, then it must be an easter egg and really it makes no sense for a troll to be in that mission in the first place. In fact I can't say I know any mission that has a troll in it, but I haven't played them all so I can't be sure.