View Full Version : More Blood Omen 2 remixes available!

10th Sep 2002, 00:20
Hello all,
A few more Blood Omen 2 remix tracks have been uploaded to www.cynyc.co.uk/bo2.htm
Please download them and give them a listen!

Also, are you interested in purchasing a Blood Omen 2 soundtrack CD if Eidos pressed a few of them up? We'd like to get a rough estimate and present it to marketing. If you are interested, please send an email to Jim Hedges to offer your support for the idea? Just a simple "yes, I'd buy a blood omen 2 soundtrack CD" would be cool. Jim's e-mail address is jhedges@crystald.com.

Crystal Dynamics

10th Sep 2002, 02:45
This is a rare chance to contribute your voice to help get a LoK product released. $10-$15 is a small price to pay not only for some great music but also as a way to tell Eidos "yes, we love this series and will buy merchandise related to it, so please make more available."

Stone Cold
10th Sep 2002, 18:03
Chris, I'm on my way over there right now bro.
*Thumb's up*