View Full Version : L'Arsene - Can't get into one area

8th Sep 2002, 22:31
Next to Chez Serge (and also the "I wonder what happened here" room where you get your goods) is a frobbable gate but it cannot be picked and I can't find a key for it. This looks to lead to the same area with the zombies: to the right of that gate you'll see an "X" on a wall next to some shutters, only one opens (I had to bash the other one to open it) wherein is a black guard sitting in a chair next to a fireplace and a prisoner in a torture cage that has a key, you go out the other window, down, open the door, down some more, and you come to a unmovable gate wherein you can see a pool, bones, and a zombie stuck amongst some boulders. I can't get into this area.

Some of the objectives you can guess what they mean in English. The ones I couldn't understand and looked up were:

- Recover your goods.
- Keep L'Arsene (arsonist?) alive.
- Capture L'Arsene and deposit into one of the jail cells of the Office of Security.

9th Sep 2002, 00:45
I just finished this awhile ago. It's a terrific mission, but there are a couple of spots, like the one you got into where the thief was sitting in front of the fire, that you shouldn't be able to. It's a first mission, so I guess a few small mistakes like this are forgiveable, right? It's pretty amazing, actually, IMHO with so much city to explore. There will be an English version released shortly.

You need the key to the "Abandonned Quarter". Go back into Chez Serge and check on the floor by the overturned sofa (I think! I've only played it once and it's so big, it's hard to remember where I found everything.)

9th Sep 2002, 03:57
Thanks for the hint. I had found the lever switch behind the bed and my "goods" and figured that was it. I didn't notice the key at the corner of the overturned sofa. Got into that area where you appear to be tracking someone (because of Garret's comment "Lost them!") but then they get spawned behind you and force you down into the zombie pit.

I'm a bit confused about how you would get out if you came in that way instead of the way I went in. I went in by bashing the leftside shutter so it would open and to get into the room with the sitting black guard. There is a prisoner in a torture cage that has the key for the door you find after exiting this room by the opposite window, down a ladder, and into a small backyard. So I now have the key to open this door. But if you come in via the gate using the key by the upturned sofa, how would you get the key to open this same door from the other side?

I gave up ghosting this one pretty early. I didn't have any moss arrows and there are places you have to jump to which make noise where there are nearby AIs. Often these are the routes you have to take because the AIs are hardwired to doors to go on full alert so you can't take the sneaksie way in. I like this mission a lot because it has multiple ways of getting places.

When you can't read French, it takes a long time to figure out this mission since you are clueless regarding the clues that all the scrolls and books could present. I finally figured the "X" marks were supposed to be leading me to special places. That's why when I saw one up on a wall over a ledge to a shuttered window that it meant I was supposed to investigate over there. But crates are a l-o-n-g ways away to manage to get into the tiny recess for the window. Could use more guards, though. At one point, I deliberately alerted them to see how many I could get chasing me and how well I could dodge them without losing them.