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8th Sep 2002, 20:54
Here is a picture I found rather interestinig.


(It`s not LOK related, but I figured you might enjoy it anyway.)

Umah Bloodomen
8th Sep 2002, 21:02
They posted this over on the OT forum.

I still didn't jump. :p ;)

You may want to fix your link Embla (include the .html extension in it so people won't have to copy it and enter it manually into their browser).

8th Sep 2002, 21:08
Thanks for the advice Umah, but I honestly don`t know how to. I tried to edit the link, but the html " thing" would not be in it.:confused:

Umah Bloodomen
8th Sep 2002, 21:11
Try this:


You just have to put the last URL tag after the .html part.

EDIT You're quite welcome for the advice. :)

Sheesh...almost forgot my manners there, forgive me. ;)

Adrian Tepes
9th Sep 2002, 00:06
That was the scariest thing I have seen in a very long time. Niether the Nightmare on Elm Street series nor the Friday the 13th series ever got that kind of response from me. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from that pic. LOL! That should be the main menu screen in the next LoK game. Actually, my wife liked it better than I did. I being the #$%&%@# that I am, convinced her to look at this very interesting pic that I had found. Unbeknownst to her, she was in for quite a surprise. I turned the speakers up full force and sat back in anticipation. The pic screeched, she jumped, and finally she nearly urinated in her pants. You just have to love those pregnant women and their weak bladders. LOL! The moral of this story is "always leave your speakers off. :eek:

9th Sep 2002, 00:19
Yipe! :eek:

9th Sep 2002, 02:52
Holy mother of God.

9th Sep 2002, 09:07
Nice to see you again Adrian.Welcome back!

Lady Kreliana
10th Sep 2002, 03:20
I'm scarred for life.

Adrian Tepes
10th Sep 2002, 07:58
Originally posted by Embla
Nice to see you again Adrian.Welcome back!

Thanks Embla:p
Actually, I have been reading most of the posts for the past couple of months. :D I was just too lazy to reregister after the forums moved.